How to Make Bracelets Longer

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Things You'll Need

  • Jewelry chain

  • Wire cutters

  • Scrap material

  • Scissors

Add an extension to your bracelet to give it a better fit.

Acquiring a pretty bracelet that is too short to fit around your wrist is disappointing. Whether your bracelet made by a friend who doesn't know your wrist size, or inherited from a more petite grandmother, owning a bracelet that you're unable to wear takes the joy out of it. Instead of getting rid of it, try a few things to make it longer. With a little creativity and a few things around the house, this can be a simple task.

Extending a Chain Bracelet

Step 1

Examine the bracelet. Take a look at the clasps and what kind of metal it is made of. It is best to extend your bracelet by using the same material your bracelet is already made of. For example, if your bracelet is metal and has chain links by the clasp, you will want to use metal or wire of a similar color and density.

Step 2

Make a bracelet extender. This is the cheapest and fastest option. Find an old necklace or bracelet with the same color metal and approximate size chain. If you are unable to find one that is readily available, purchase an extender of similar color and chain size from a jewelry store.

Step 3

Determine how much of the chain you will need to make your bracelet fit. Add an extra inch or so to give yourself the option of adjusting the tightness once it is on your wrist.

Step 4

Use wire cutters to snip one of the links in the necklace or bracelet. Start at the end with the clasp and measure down the links until you reach the ideal length for the extender. Cut through the link, separating the chain.

Step 5

Attach the clasp of the extender onto the last link in your bracelet. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist, then attach the clasp of the bracelet onto the appropriate link in the extender. Cut the rest of the links from the extender, unless you would prefer to leave them to dangle from your wrist.

Extending a Woven Bracelet

Step 1

Examine the ends of the bracelet and pay attention to how it fastens together. Some woven bracelets are simply tied together and others are attached with a loop and a bead.

Step 2

Create an extender that mimics the type of attachment already braided into the bracelet. Find a string or tie that matches the color of the bracelet, if possible. If you made the bracelet yourself, you may have scrap pieces of material. If not, purchase similar material from a craft store.

Step 3

Tie the extender onto the end of the bracelet if the ends are too short to tie together. Often, there is a loop at one end of the bracelet. Bend the extender in half and insert it into the loop. Pull the ends through the bent extender, tying a slip knot. Tie the end of the extender to the other end of the bracelet.

Step 4

If the bracelet includes beads or if using a bead would be more attractive, create an extender that will attach to a bead. Fold the extender in half, creating a loop. This loop will be the "buttonhole" for the bead. Wrap the extender around the bead, and then tie a knot with the two ends, pulling it tight above the bead and holding it in place. Tie the ends of the extender to the other end of the bracelet.