How to Store a Cap and Gown

Keep your cap and gown wrinkle-free.

Many graduation caps and gowns are made from polyester or acetate fabrics that wrinkle easily. Advice varies on the best way to take the wrinkles out but, once straightened, the cap and gown should be stored in an area where they will not be disturbed until you need them. After the ceremony, you can stow them away as a special memento or place them with the rest of your clothes.

Step 1

Take the cap and gown out of the package as soon as you receive it.

Step 2

Remove wrinkles. Jostens of Northern Michigan recommends steaming the gown, but other graduation gown providers also recommend using a cool iron. If you prefer to iron the gown, begin by turning it inside out.

Step 3

Place the gown on a hanger. Hang the gown in a spacious area, such as a large closet or on a doorway, to avoid the possibility of it being crushed by other clothes. According to information from, polyester fades from long exposure to sun. If your gown is made of polyester, store it in a dark place or an area that is not exposed to sunlight. Place the mortarboard on a flat surface away from the sun.

Step 4

Fold the gown and put it away in your closet after graduation. You may place it, along with the cap, in the package in which it arrived.


Due to the type of material used for graduation attire, do not wash or dryclean. Avoid wearing the outfit in inclement weather.