How to Make Two Rubber Bands Connect Together

Connect two or more rubber bands together to make a simple bracelet or even a chain or necklace. You can choose from two different looping techniques, depending on the desired project outcome. In either case, the rubber bands are left intact as individual loops.

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The Simplest Connection

Step 1

Set two rubber bands next to one another, one overlapping the other slightly.


  • Use wide rubber bands, such as the type sold in office supply stores, until you get the hang of the technique. Tiny rubber bands for hair or braces are more difficult to connect with this method.

Step 2

Pull the center portion of the bottom rubber band up, folding it back toward itself, away from the center.

Step 3

Tuck the top portion of the folded rubber band underneath its other side. Tug on the tucked portion -- the part you just tucked to the bottom -- while holding the other rubber band down or tugging it in the opposite direction. This links the two rubber bands together.


  • Make a chain of any length by linking together a series of rubber bands in the same fashion. Connect the ends to make a bracelet or necklace by knotting one end of the chain to the other, or by connecting them with a jump ring used to make jewelry.

Two-Band Bracelet

Make a bracelet from two medium-sized rubber bands -- similar in size to gel or jelly bracelets -- by linking them together in similar fashion.

Step 1

Set two rubber bands next to one another so the band on the right overlaps the one on the left at least 1/2 inch.

Step 2

Fold the right portion of the left rubber band up and over to meet the left half of the same rubber band.

Step 3

Grab the leftmost portion of the right rubber band, and pull it up and to the right, folding that rubber band in half as well. Continue holding the left rubber band down as you do so.

Step 4

Pick up both rubber bands at once, holding them along their folded portions. Slide one hand through the loop made between the rubber bands to wear them as a bracelet.


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