How to Make a Roman Helmet From Cardboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard

  • Aluminum foil

  • Stapler

  • Heavy construction paper

  • Knife or scissors

  • Brass bracket fastener

  • Pen or pencil

  • Hot glue

  • Red feathered boa

No Roman soldier is complete without a helmet.

Kids love to play dress-up, and among the most popular costumes is that of a Roman soldier. Toy swords are easy to find, and creating the armor is fairly simple. The helmet, however, can be expensive to buy, but it is also the most vital part of the costume. You can create the perfect Roman soldier helmet with just a few pieces of cardboard and a handful of other items around your house.


Step 1

Cut a 3-inch-wide strip of cardboard, and form it into a circle to fit your head. Do not attach the two ends yet.

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Step 2

Cover the strip in aluminum foil, and attach the two ends to form a circle using a stapler. The smooth side of the staple should face inward to avoid injury to your head or face.

Step 3

Form an arch from the front of the band to the back using another strip of cardboard. This piece will prevent the band from falling down over your eyes, so adjust it accordingly. Cover it with aluminum foil before attaching it to the band.

Step 4

Criss-cross 16 long strips of heavy construction paper over one another to form a circular or starburst pattern. Secure the strips to one another by poking a hole in the center with a knife and running a long bracket through.


Step 5

Wrap the pattern in aluminum foil, then form a dome to fit your head. Once you have the appropriate size, attach it to the band by sliding it in through the underside of the band and stapling the edges all the way around. Cut off any excess.

Step 6

Draw and cut out two dagger-shaped pieces of cardboard to create the side flaps. Wrap each in aluminum foil, and staple to either side of the helmet so they hang down on your cheeks.


Step 7

Draw and cut out a visor-shaped piece approximately half as big around as your main band. Cover it with tin foil, and staple the sides to the main band. It won't move up and down like a real visor, but it will have the same look.

Step 8

Use hot glue to attach the feathered boa to the top strip of cardboard.


This process involves cutting cardboard and using a hot glue gun and should not be attempted by young children.


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