How to Fix Tulle That Has Been Ripped on a Dress

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrap of matching tulle

  • Sharp scissors

  • Fine and sharp hand-sewing needle

  • Thread to match the tulle

Use tiny stitches to fix tulle that's been ripped on a dress.

Because tulle is such a fine and fragile fabric, ripping and damaging tulle garments is an unfortunate, yet common, occurrence. When you tear or rip tulle on a dress, fix the tulle layer with a careful and painstaking mending process. If you are fortunate, the area of damaged tulle is a layer that is not easily visible when the dress is worn. If so, this mending technique will be satisfactory.


Step 1

Cut a scrap of matching tulle that is about 1 inch wider and longer than the tear in the tulle.

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Step 2

Place the scrap of matching tulle underneath the tear in the tulle and lay the tulle on a flat work surface.

Step 3

Align the torn edges of the tulle so they butt up against each other. As you align the torn edges, be sure the scrap of matching tulle is centered beneath the tear.

Step 4

Thread the needle with a 12-inch length of thread, and knot the end of the thread in a tiny overhand knot.


Step 5

Insert the needle up from the bottom through the scrap of matching tulle and through the torn tulle approximately 1/8 inch from the tear.

Step 6

Take a tiny stitch over the tear and insert the needle back down through the tulle on the other side of the tear, inserting the needle down through the torn tulle and the scrap of tulle beneath.


Step 7

Insert the needle back up from the bottom through both layers again, about 1/8 inch from the first point where you inserted the needle.

Step 8

Repeat to stitch the tear, using the tiniest stitches possible and keeping your stitches very even.


Step 9

Finish the stitching with your needle on the underside of the tulle. Make a small knot, and cut off the excess thread.

Step 10

Cut away the excess fabric from the scrap of matching tulle so that only about 3/8 inch of excess fabric extends out from the stitches to finish the mending.


This is not a perfect mending process, but as long as you keep your stitches tiny and cut away excess fabric from the scrap of tulle, your mending job should be minimally noticeable.


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