How to Recycle Artificial Trees

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Artificial trees can be a budget saver and friendly to the environment. Using an artificial tree to decorate your house, yard, deck or Christmas holiday can spare you the trouble of setting and cleaning up after a real tree. It can provide you a pretty display in your house and will allow you to spare a tree from being cut down elsewhere. Using artificial trees is environment friendly, but only if the tree is properly recycled when you are done using it. Do now simply throw your tree away, but have it reused and recycled for the environment.


Step 1

Reuse the separate branches of the tree to decorate your house. Use them to decorate your mantles or doorways.

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Step 2

Ask a friend or family member if they would like your tree, or look for an outlet to donate it to. Ask at local schools, churches or community centers.

Step 3

Remove the stand and all decorations from the tree if you cannot find another home for it. Make sure the tree is free of all metal when you are done.


Step 4

Cut the tree into smaller pieces. It is likely made of recyclable material, so chop the tree up and put it into a compost bag or recycling bin on your curbside on garbage day.