How to Clean a GE Advantium

General Electric's (GE) Advantium ovens use both halogen lights and microwaves to cook food up to eight times faster than a conventional oven, says, which cuts the cooking time for a 5 lb. chicken, for example, to just over half an hour. The Advantium also operates in three additional modes, as a convection oven, microwave or warmer. The oven's stainless steel interior makes cleanup simple, and GE recommends cleaning it after each use for maximum performance.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Clean cloth
  • Soap
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Razor scraper

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Turn the oven off, and make sure it is cool to the touch.

Use a paper towel to remove drips and spatters inside the Advantium.

Remove stubborn or greasy spots with warm, soapy cloth. Rinse the soap out of the cloth, and wipe the surface a second time with plain water.

Use a commercial stainless steel cleaner, following the manufacturer's instructions, to remove discoloration in the oven, which typically appears as yellowing on the metal surface.

Wash the turntable in warm, soapy water and dry completely. Wipe the oven floor with a warm, soapy cloth while the turntable is removed.

Wipe the halogen lamp cover with a warm, soapy cloth or a plastic scrubber. If necessary, remove burned-on foods from the lamp cover using the razor scraper that came with the oven.

Clean the oven's mica sheet, located on the interior top next to the halogen lamp cover, with a warm, soapy cloth.


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