How to Finish the End of a String of Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Finished string of beads

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Candle

  • Jewelry clasp

Strings of beads will stay securely with effective construction.
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Creating bead work involves choosing and coordinating beads to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Although the design of a piece is important, construction details are also critical. Good securing measures on the ends of a string of beads are important for the appearance of the jewelry and its structure and security. Make sure your beads look good and stay in place by taking the right steps to complete the string.


Step 1

Leave at least 3 inches of extra length at the end of the strung beads. Planning before you start beading ensures that you have enough string to comfortably tie the knots you need.

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Step 2

Resolve any especially large beading holes. If the beads you're using are so large that a knot tied in your cord won't secure them, add a smaller, spacer bead immediately before your knot. Another option involves removing the last large bead on the string, filling it with air-dry clay, poking a new, smaller hole through the clay and letting it dry before stringing it again.


Step 3

Tie one knot to secure the beads in place. Tie this knot as close to the end of the beading as possible to keep the beads from sliding around on the string and revealing the cord beneath. To position the knot as snugly as possible, form the knot loosely, then slide it into place as you tighten it.


Step 4

Secure the knot if the cord you're using is slippery and won't hold a knot. Waxed cord, dental floss and nylon cord is so smooth that knots often do not stay in place. Use a needle-nose pliers to pull the knots tighter than you can get them with just your hands. With synthetic or plastic cords such as nylon cord, secure a knot by partially melting it with the heat of a lit candle or stove burner. Work carefully and slowly to ensure that you don't burn through the cord.


Step 5

Fasten the end of the string to a clasp. Thread the end of the string through the loop of a metal clasp, then position the clasp on the point of the string where you want it. Tie the end of the string to itself using two knots, one positioned against the metal of the clasp and one positioned a little lower on the length of the cord.

Step 6

Thread about 2 inches of cord back through the beads on the string and trim off excess cord.


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