How to Make Tooth Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Teeth

  • Nylon string

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Teeth can make an interesting addition to any piece of jewelry. Whether they are a childhood baby tooth kept for sentimental value or the tooth of an animal, you can make them into fashionable jewelry. Some of the most common teeth used are shark teeth or other large animal teeth. Teeth can be fragile, though, so make sure to use care when you include teeth into your jewelry. If you are too careless with your tooth jewelry, they may break or crack.


Step 1

Wash the teeth with hot water and soap. An unclean tooth can carry a whole host of bacteria and diseases. Pay close attention to cracks and curves in the teeth to ensure you thoroughly clean them along with the rest of the tooth.

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Step 2

Drill a small hole into the tooth. Make the hole only large enough to accommodate the string or wire you use for your jewelry. Ensure the hole goes all the way through the tooth. Drill slowly to avoid cracking or chipping as you drill.

Step 3

Brush and polish the tooth to give it an attractive shine. Pay special attention to the area around the drilled hole. Clean out any dust or chips in the hole.

Step 4

Push a nylon string through the hole in your tooth. Pinch the other end of the nylon rope in your finger to prevent the tooth from sliding off the other side of the string. Pull the tooth on the string slowly to avoid getting it snagged.

Step 5

Tie the ends of your nylon string together. Cut off any frayed edges of the nylon string.


You can use materials other than nylon to string your tooth, but nylon might be the most comfortable. Nylon string also comes in a wide variety of colors from which you can choose. Consider changing the material if it starts to irritate your skin, though. Add beads and charms to your nylon rope to make the jewelry more intricate. Ensure the beads are large enough to fit on your string, though. If the holes in the beads are too small to fit onto the string you chose for your jewelry, you may have wasted precious time and money.


Polish off any sharp edges that remain on the tooth. If you leave a sharp edge, it may injure you.


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