How to Make a Baby Shower Centerpiece From a Receiving Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Large basket with a handle

  • Small basket without a handle

  • 5 receiving blankets

  • Sleeper

  • Bottle of baby shampoo

  • Bottle of baby lotion

  • Straight pins

  • Ribbon

  • Small baby doll

  • Onesie

  • Bibs, booties, wash cloths, or other baby accessories for decoration (optional)

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When choosing a centerpiece for a baby shower, consider creating one that is both cute and practical. This baby carriage centerpiece is made out of receiving blankets along with other essential baby care items. After the shower, the guest of honor can take the centerpiece home and use all of its components for her new baby.


Step 1

Cover the larger basket with a large receiving blanket. Place the center of the blanket underneath the basket and bring the corners of the blanket up over the sides to meet on the inside of the basket. Smooth the blanket so that the entire basket is covered. Use straight pins to anchor the corners to the bottom of the basket. This is the base of the baby carriage.

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Step 2

Fold a second receiving blanket to fit inside the basket as the baby carriage cushion.

Step 3

Wrap a sleeper around the handle of the basket and tie it in place with ribbon.

Step 4

Cover the smaller basket with a receiving blanket in the same way as the larger basket. Set the smaller basket standing on its end in one side of the larger basket so that it forms the canopy of the baby carriage. Use straight pins to anchor it to the base basket.


Step 5

Roll a bottle of baby shampoo in a receiving blanket. Tie with ribbon at both ends. Place the covered bottle under the front of the base basket to be the front set of baby carriage wheels.

Step 6

Repeat the previous step with a bottle of baby lotion. Place this roll under the back of the base basket as the back set of wheels.


Step 7

Place a baby doll inside the basket on top of the receiving blanket cushion. Fold a onesie and place it over the doll as a blanket.

Step 8

Decorate the outside of the baby carriage with additional baby items if desired. Bibs, booties, wash cloths, and other accessories can be pinned to the sides of the receiving blankets covering the baskets as decorations.


Try putting your baskets together before you purchase them to make sure the smaller one fits in the end of the larger one to form the baby carriage canopy.

Purchase a ready-made basket shaped like a baby carriage in place of the two baskets described above.

Bring a large receiving blanket when shopping for the baskets so that you can select a base basket that is the right size to cover with your your blanket.

Choose bottles of baby shampoo and lotion that are the same size so that the front and back wheels have the same diameter.

Coordinate the colors and patterns of the receiving blankets, sleeper, onesie, ribbon, and accessories to match your baby shower theme.


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