What Chocolate Bars Should I Use for a Baby Shower Diaper Game?

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The Baby Shower Diaper Game is an amusing addition to any baby shower.

Other than eating, crying, sleeping and pooping, newborn babies don't do much, and expectant moms will quickly learn that this is the way of the fourth trimester. A candy bar diaper shower game can give them a good idea of what is in store for them in the near future: a lot of dirty diapers. To replicate the look of poop, you can use chocolate bars. It may sound kind of gross, but it is actually a lot of fun.


Guess the Chocolate Diaper Game

To play this game, you will need to have one diaper for each shower guest and blank note cards. Also, buy a bag of mixed miniature chocolate bars. Melt one variety of the chocolate bars into a bowl and once they are liquefied, pour the contents into one of the diapers. Repeat with the other varieties of chocolate, recording which candy bar is in which numbered diaper. As the chocolate cools down, you can clump it up with a long-handled spoon.


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Line the diapers on a long table and open them. Place one note card in front of each and write a number on it. To play the game, give each shower guest a blank note card and a pen. They can take turns walking up to the table, speculating about which candy bar is in each diaper and then writing it down on their card. Whoever guesses the most candy bars correctly in the chocolate diaper game wins a prize – another bag of candy bars, perhaps?


Chocolate Bars to Use in the Game

It will be harder for guests to figure out what kind of candy poop is in the diapers if you use plain chocolate bars. Instead, look for ones that have things in them, like nuts. Mr. Goodbar is a good choice, as are Snickers, Butterfinger, Kit-Kat, Reese's and Almond Joy. These are also funnier since they will be kind of, well, chunky.


You can buy full-size bars instead and melt them down just as easily. Another option is to use white chocolate bars, Nestle Crunch or Junior Mints. These are all good dirty diaper baby shower game chocolates. Encourage the guests to smell the fake poop too. To make things easier, you can provide them with a list of the candy that you used.


More Baby Shower Games

If you and your guests don't appreciate potty humor, there are other fun games that you can consider playing. The "left right" game is a good one, and the winner also gets a prize. Look for a story (or write one) that uses the words "left" and "right" frequently and wrap up a nice prize that is not fragile and is small enough to pass around. Everyone sits in a circle, one guest is given the wrapped gift and the mom-to-be reads the story. Each time either of those words is read, the guest holding the gift must pass it in either direction. When the story ends, the person holding the gift gets to keep it.


Shower guests will also like "The Price is Right" baby game. Organizers can buy a variety of baby supplies, like a pacifier, a box of diapers, baby socks and so forth. The prices should be noted and written down. A list of the items with blanks next to them can be provided to the guests. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.



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