How to Unlock a Swivel Straight Christmas Tree Stand

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The Swivel Straight Tree Stand, sold by Dyno LLC, is a unique Christmas tree stand that has a tree trunk receptacle that fits into the water reservoir, allowing for easier setup and secure positioning of a recently-cut live tree.

A foot pedal serves as the means to both lock and unlock the Christmas tree stand's grip on the tree. Locking it holds the tree securely in position once you've ensured it's straight up.


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Unlocking the Christmas tree stand is necessary to reposition or rotate the tree, or to take the tree out of the tree stand after the holiday season. While the task is simple, you should ideally have a helper. Here's all you need to know.

Swivel Straight Tree Stand models

The Swivel Straight Christmas tree stand comes in two models for recently live Christmas trees: the XTS1 and the XTS3.



The models differ based on the size of the tree, so make sure to buy the model that fits the width of your tree's trunk.

Neither of these are designed for artificial Christmas trees, although any fake tree with a suitable height, trunk diameter and shape should fit in the stand.

The ‌XTS1 Christmas tree stand‌, also known as the Swivel Straight Plus or the One Minute Christmas Tree Stand, is for trees up to 12' tall and with a maximum bottom trunk diameter of 5.75". Its water reservoir holds 1.5 gallons. Impact grade polymer construction means the heavy duty unit won't scratch floors the way metal Christmas tree stands might.


The ‌XTS3 stand‌ is a Swivel Straight tree stand for trees 10' tall or shorter, and with a 5" or less bottom trunk diameter. This model is also made of impact grade polymer construction and has a 1.5-gallon water reservoir.

Both models feature large bolts, similar to even old-school metal Christmas tree stands, except these are designed with comfortable grips to make them easy to turn while tightening them around the tree trunk. They also both have foot pedal operation to lock the tree and its trunk receptacle in place once the tree is perfectly upright.


Although neither model requires a Christmas tree skirt, each functions perfectly with a tree skirt in place; just ensure the tree skirt is easy to move when it's time to water the tree.

The Dyno LLC model

Dyno LLC also makes another stand similar to the Swivel Straight tree stands. The St Nick's Choice Pivot Point tree stand is for trees up to 9' tall and with a maximum 6" wide tree trunk. This stand holds 1 gallon in the water reservoir.



While it has a foot pedal like the Swivel Straight tree stands, the design of the entire stand is a bit different. The trunk receptacle on this model is the water reservoir, and the foot pedal also works like a hand-operated lever. Clicking it down locks the tree in place, while flipping it up unlocks the tree.


Unlocking the Swivel Straight Tree Stand

Unlock either model of the Swivel Straight Tree Stand only while you or a friend has a firm grip on the tree for safety purposes. Failing to properly support the tree means that it could tip or fall completely out of the stand, damaging your holiday home decor and Christmas decorations.


1. Hold the Christmas tree upright

While you could unlock the Swivel Straight Tree Stand for 10' to 12' high trees with just one person, it's better to have help with such a large tree. Ask a friend or family member to steady the tree by grabbing it somewhere in the upper half along its center area. Everyone helping should use caution not to break any ornaments or to touch Christmas lights. If you're using old fashioned incandescent lights, unplug them and let them cool before unlocking the tree stand.


2. Locate and prepare the foot pedal

Make sure the foot pedal is fully extended so you have access to it; you may have pushed it into the base of the stand once you positioned the tree previously. If it's inside the base, pull it gently outwards to fully extend it.

3. Press the foot pedal

With either you or your assistant holding the tree upright, stand on or press the foot pedal gently once to unlock the trunk receptacle from the water reservoir in the tree stand. At this point the tree, still secure to the receptacle, is loose enough to rotate or adjust as needed for the best upright position.

To hold the tree securely in its new position, lift the foot pedal and push it back into the base. If you're removing the tree at the end of its display life, lift the tree and rest it on the edge of the stand so the water drips out of the trunk receptacle's drainage holes and into the reservoir. Once it stops draining, the tree is free to remove.

Whichever Swivel Stand model you choose, remember to clean it thoroughly at the end of the holiday season. Use this durable, easy-to-handle stand to make Christmas tree setup easier for years to come.



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