How to Make Christmas Wireframe Sculptures

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How to Make Christmas Wireframe Sculptures
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Things You'll Need

  • Clothes hanger wire

  • Heavy duty wire cutters

  • Heavy Floral wire

  • Solder

  • Soldering Iron

  • Holiday lights

  • Garnishments

Wire frame sculptures are a popular display option for people to put in their yard, on the porch or indoors. These larger wire sculptures are usually outside and have Christmas lights along each wire. Kits that have the sculpture already created are available. However, it is a fun and rewarding process to create your own sculpture. You can make an economical and personalized wire frame Christmas decoration by using common household clothes hangers.


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Make the Frame

Step 1: Bend the Wire

Bend heavy duty clothes hanger wire into the shape of your choice to make the frame for your Christmas light sculpture. Some popular sculptures are wreaths, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes. To help form the shape use objects found around the house. For example, to bend the wire in a circle for a wreath wrap the wire around a coffee can.

To make a square shape use the outside corner of a wall and push the wire over the corner. A Star of David can be formed using two pieces of wire shaped into a triangle then joined together. Christmas trees can be made by spiraling the wire with a large spiral at the bottom working each spiral smaller until you get to the top.


Step 2: Secure the Ends

Secure the ends of the clothes hanger wire by cutting three inch sections of floral wire. Wrap the floral wire around the hanger wire and twist like a bread bag tie.

Step 3: Solder the Joints

Solder the joints and ends of the wire to permanently hold them in position. Follow the directions on the solder packaging. For example, the Christmas tree can have a straight rod of hanger wire soldered in the center of inside of the spiral. The end of the rod will be longer than the tree. One end will be left free to stick into the ground. The other end will be soldered to the small spiral at the top.


Step 4: Add the Embellishing Wires

Add other parts to the display by tying and soldering pieces together. Again with the Christmas tree example, you may add a small star at the top, or other wire formations.


Step 1: Secure the Lights to the Frame

Add the holiday lights to the wire frame sculpture. Secure the lights to the frame by wrapping crafting wire around the lights and the frame.

Step 2: Decorate the Sculpture

Add pine garland, pip berries, or holly leaves by attaching with the floral.


Step 3: Position Your Wire Christmas Yard Decoration

Balance the wire Christmas decorations on the sculpture. If your sculpture will be standing consider the weight distribution of the decorations. Too much weight toward one side may cause the sculpture to overturn.


You may use your wire holiday sculptures indoors or outdoors depending on the specifications of the lights that you decorate them with.

Rope lights are easier to work with. Traditional bulb lights work well on wreaths. Use simple geometric shapes when you are just beginning to enjoy this hobby.


Never use indoor lights outside. Never leave lights on while you are away from home.

If your lights blink, try to use only a single strand or have multiple strands blinking simultaneously.