How to Make Ketchup & Mustard Costumes

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Red and yellow felt

  • Black felt

  • Scissors

  • Thick ribbon (red and yellow)

  • Glue

  • Yarn (red and yellow)

Condiments inspire cheap, convenient costumes for two. Make a splash dressed as ketchup and mustard bottles. Twins, siblings, friends or couples can prowl the town on Halloween night in matching, homemade costumes. Ketchup and mustard costumes require very few materials, making them ideal for a last-minute costume rush. No sewing is necessary, so these costumes can be ready in short order.


Step 1

Measure the intended wearer from shoulder to ankle and double the length of the measurement. Measure from shoulder to shoulder. Cut a piece of red felt or similar fabric to those dimensions.

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Step 2

Fold the fabric in half and cut a hole at the top for the wearer's head.


Step 3

Cut three 1-inch-wide slots in the lower half of each side of the fabric, and lace the ribbon through to stitch the sides together.

Step 4

Cut the words "Ketchup" and "Mustard" from black felt. Glue the letters for the word "Ketchup" across the front of the red costume.


Step 5

Cut a large square from the red fabric. Roll the fabric into a cone shape and glue the ends together. Trim the edges as needed. This is the squeeze-top hat. Glue strands of red yarn to the top of the cone to resemble ketchup coming out of the bottle.

Step 6

Wear a red long-sleeved shirt and red or black pants under the costume.

Step 7

Repeat these steps with yellow materials to create a mustard costume.


If necessary, cut small holes in each side of the hat and string a piece of ribbon through each hole. The ribbon can be tucked beneath the wearer’s chin to prevent the hat from shifting or falling off.

Create a family costume theme. In addition to ketchup and mustard, family members can dress up as a hot dog, French fry, hamburger, pickles, tomato, onions or other condiments.


Be sure to use a non-fraying fabric, such as felt, to complete this project.



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