How to Make a Chef Hat or Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Black pants

  • White shirt

  • Black socks

  • Black shoes

  • Apron or chef’s coat

  • Cookbook (optional)

  • Cooking utensils (optional)

  • Makeup pencil (optional)

  • Flour (optional)

  • White poster board

  • Stapler

  • 1 yard white fabric

Whip up something truly delectable with a homemade 'professional chef' costume. Even if the best dish you've ever made is macaroni and cheese from a box, this deliciously deceptive costume will earn you five stars. An easy, affordable alternative to expensive Halloween or party costumes, the majority of a chef costume can be assembled from items you already have in your home.


The Costume

Step 1

Use plain black pants and a white long-sleeved shirt as a base. The shirt should be a button-up if possible. Wear black socks and black shoes.

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Step 2

Wear an apron or chef's coat. For a professional appearance, select a plain white or red-and-white checkered pattern. Stuff the apron's pockets with a cookbook or essential cooking utensils, such as a wire whisk or wooden spoon. If desired, stain the apron with spaghetti sauce, chocolate or other food items.


Step 3

Create a chef's hat to accompany the costume. Tuck any loose hair inside the hat.

Step 4

Decorate the wearer's face with a mustache drawn with a makeup pencil or with a light dusting of flour for a fresh-from-the-kitchen appearance.


The Hat

Step 1

Cut a thick band from white poster board. The band should be approximately 26 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Step 2

Wrap the band around the wearer's head so that it fits comfortably. Leave a little extra space. Clip the band together and remove from the wearer's head. Staple the band together.

Step 3

Staple the fabric along the bottom, inside edge of the hat band at even intervals. Puff the fabric up through the top of the band.


For trick or treating, use a large plastic mixing bowl instead of a candy bucket.

Tissue paper can be used instead of fabric to create the hat.

An alternative hat can be made by wrapping a white shower cap over a long cylindrical container, such as a can of Quaker Oats. Create the base of the hat by taping a poster board band around the bottom of the container, over the bottom of the shower cap.



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