How to Make a Star Wars Imperial Officer Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Silver paint

  • Black boots

  • Black belt

  • Black turtle neck shirt

  • Black pants.

  • Black baseball hat with short brim

  • Cardboard

  • Hot glue gun and sticks

  • Measuring tape

  • Pins

Two Imperial officer costumes

Not only their clothing but also their stance can easily identify the Imperial officers in the "Star Wars" movies. An Imperial officer costume is easy to make and adds a bit of variety to the common Jedi, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine costumes. Imperial officer costumes allow fans to dress up as a member of the Empire without having to create a difficult stormstrooper or Darth Vader costume. The Imperial officer costume is the same no matter what the rank. The blue and red bars sit above the left breast.


Step 1

Use the measuring tape to measure from the top of the shoulder to the hip. Set a large piece of felt on top of the person who will wear the costume. Use pins to mark out the area to cut the jerkin. The jerkin sits over the turtleneck on the front and back. The jerkin is wider at the shoulder and tapers down by the waist. Make two of these. Include a hole for the head and a neckline for the front piece.


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Step 2

Double check the measurements and then cut out the pieces. Sew together, and slip the piece on to test the fit. Be sure that the turtleneck is already on to ensure proper fit.

Step 3

Put on a pair of black pants. Tuck the jerkin into the pants. Put on the boots and tuck the pants into the tops of the boots.


Step 4

Cut out a piece of cardboard, and glue on colored squares for the ranks. Use blue and red squares. Hot glue the rank strip to the jerkin on the left side. Six red bars on top of six blue bars is an admiral. Six blue bars on six red bars is Grand Moff or Chief of Sector. Four blue bars on top of four blue bars is a colonel. Four red on top of four blue is a general.


Step 5

Cut out a square from the cardboard and paint it silver. Hot glue it to the hat. Cut out a rectangle from the cardboard. Paint it silver and hot glue it to the belt. Put on the black hat and belt to complete the costume. To pull off the attitude, walk with good posture and salute.


Set the hot glue gun on a paper plate or newspaper to keep drips from ruining table surfaces.


Hot glue can burn. Do not touch it when wet.



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