How to Straighten Icicle Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer

  • Fishing weights

  • Fishing line

  • Scissors

Icicle lights are a beautiful addition to a winter outdoor light display, but when they come out of the packaging, they are notorious for being kinked along the light strands, due to being folded up in the box. The severe bends in the light strands definitely detract from the beauty of this type of lighting. Here are two ideas that can help get the kinks out.


Step 1

Heat the individual light strands for a few seconds with a hair dryer on low heat in order to warm the wires. Test every few seconds with your hands to ensure that the wires are not getting any warmer than can be comfortably touched. Too much heat can cause melting of plastics.

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Step 2

Pull and hold the warm wires straight until they cool off. Continue along the strand until you have straightened all the lights. If these two steps are still not enough, go on to Step 3.


Step 3

Tie a short length of fishing line to the end of each icicle.

Step 4

Tie a fishing weight to one of the fishing lines on the end of the icicle. Hold the icicle up in the air to determine if one fishing weight is sufficient to hold the icicle wire straight. If not, add more to determine the proper number of fishing weights.


Step 5

Tie the number of fishing weights from Step 4 to each fishing line on the ends of all the icicles.

Step 6

Trim any excess fishing line with scissors.