7 Hassle-Free Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations

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Attaching wreath to plastic hanger
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Store Your Christmas Decorations

It's the annual holiday decorating headache: untangling the lights and garlands, sorting through damaged ornaments, wrangling the wrapping paper. Ugh. Well, no more! The hassle ends this season once you organize everything as you put it all away. You can buy plastic wreath boxes and special reels for Christmas lights, but they're not necessary if you use a little ingenuity and some stuff you probably have around the house right now.

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empty rolls for wrapping paper
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Empty Rolls for Wrapping Paper

Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls hold wrapping paper neatly in place.

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Bead garland being placed in water bottle
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Empty Water Bottles for Garlands

Feed beaded garlands into an empty water bottle. The beads coil themselves neatly and come out with nary a snarl nor a tangle when you're ready to use them again.

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plastic cups for ornaments
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Plastic Cups for Ornaments

Grab a storage container and a stack of plastic cups. You have the makings for crush-proof ornament storage.

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Attaching wreath to plastic hanger
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Hangers and Elastics for Wreaths

Slide a hanger into each side of a wreath's frame, and then use a rubber band or hair elastic to attach the top of the wreath to the top of the hanger. Voila! The wreath can just hang around until next year.

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add in more hangers for Christmas lights
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Add in More Hangers for Christmas Lights

Wrap Christmas lights around plastic hangers. Such a simple, clean solution!

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