How to Use Megger Test Equipment

With a brand name that has been around for 120 years and test equipment so reliable that 50-year-old individual testers are still in use, Megger is one of the most recognized manufacturers of electric test equipment in the world. Megger offers 30 product groups to its customer base with its low-voltage circuit breaker test sets occupying world leader status. Utilizing Digital Signal Processing technology, the AVO International Model DDA-3000/6000 test set used for testing low-voltage circuit breakers is a prime example of product innovation in the digital age.

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Be sure that the Megger DDA-3000/6000 test set is switched "off." Connect the test set to a power source.

Close the circuit breaker to be tested. Ensure that the line-side circuit is disconnected or de-energized.

Connect the output terminals of the test set to one pole of the breaker to be tested. Turn the test set "on." The control panel display should light up.

Rotate the Vernier control to the desired test current. Select the "Maintained Output" mode. Select the "Continuous Ammeter" mode.

Press the "Start" button. Record the readings and compare to the manufacturer's specifications.

Tips & Warnings

  • Test each circuit breaker pole independently. The instantaneous tripping elements have a wide range of tolerances compared to the settings.
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