How to Use a Microwave Pressure Cooker

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Microwave pressure cookers are perfect for small kitchens or busy cooks. Using a microwave pressure cooker is a simple and fast way to cook foods while retaining most of the vitamins and minerals. All the major microwave pressure cooker brands are designed to be simple to use for any home chef. They have a much simpler design than many stove-top models, consisting of a pot with a lid that secures tightly. On this lid is a valve that allows excess pressure to escape and a regulator to show if pressure is still built up inside the cooker.


Step 1

Add the liquid portion of the recipe to the pressure cooker, making sure to cover the bottom.

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Step 2

Cover the liquid with the vegetables and meat, or other food, from your recipe. Make sure to not fill the pressure cooker more than the directions dictate for your model (generally no more than 2/3 full).


Step 3

Check the release valve on your microwave pressure cooker lid to make sure that there is no clog or residue that may be blocking the flow of steam.

Step 4

Secure the lid onto the pressure cooker. Double-check that it is latched into place tightly.


Step 5

Place the pressure cooker in your microwave and cook on high according to the directions in your recipe. Most recipes cook for the same amount of time in a microwave pressure cooker as in a traditional stove-top version.

Step 6

Let the pressure cooker sit in the microwave for several minutes to allow the pressure to start to drop. At this point, you can either allow your cooker to continue to rest or run it under cold water to reduce the pressure.


Step 7

Once the regulator shows that the pressure is gone, remove the lid and serve. The regulator can be found on the lid of almost all microwave pressure cooker brands and will raise up when there is pressure in the device.


Sear meat before cooking it in a pressure cooker. This will give you a better flavor on your finished product.


Do not overfill your microwave pressure cooker. Like traditional stove-top models, they should not be filled more than 2/3 of the way or they can explode and ruin your microwave. Wait until the unit is completely depressurized to open it or you may be at risk for steam burns. Always open the lid away from your face.