How to Cut Ceramic Tile in a Curve

Curved tiles
Curved tiles (Image:

There are many places in your home--such as steps, walls, fireplaces and floors--that have curves. And if you want to tile these places or around these places it shouldn't be intimidating. Cutting tiles with curves isn't hard, and sometimes it can't be avoided. With the right equipment, measurements and knowledge cutting tiles with curves is as easy as 1-2-3!

Things You'll Need

  • Wet tile saw
  • Water
  • Tiles
  • Measuring tape
  • China marker

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Set the tile saw up on a work table or bench. Plug tile saw into an electrical outlet. Do not turn saw on. Fill tray with water.

Mark tile with a grease pencil or china marker to the exact shape and measurement that it needs to be cut.

Put on a pair of safety glasses and hearing protection. Turn on tile saw.

Make multiple straight, narrow cuts into the tile that end at the mark made with a china marker. This is the easiest way to cut an outside curve into a tile. The narrower the cut, the smoother the resulting curve will be. The vibration from the diamond blade may break the cut pieces of tile away from the main piece of tile. Manually break the remaining pieces of tile away from the rest of the tile. This will not produce a perfectly smooth curve, though.

Keep the tile saw on. Hold the tile up to the diamond blade and smooth the curve to its finished quality by allowing the blade to grind the remaining tile away to the desired profile.

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