How to Use a Chocolate Fountain to Serve Other Types of Fondue

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While chocolate is the most common fondue, you can use a chocolate fountain with anything that will reach the same consistency as chocolate. Consider getting more use out of your chocolate fountain by creating fondues with cheese or your favorite dipping sauce such as barbecue.

Step 1

Create a cheese fountain with your chocolate fountain. You'll get the best flow by using nacho cheese, but you can also use processed cheese such as Velveeta. Prepare either type of cheese by heating it in a pot on the stove. Mix the cheese with water or milk to get the desired consistency. Transfer the cheese to the chocolate fountain. Vegetables such as carrots, celery and broccoli make good dippers, or pair cheese fondue with bread, crackers, pretzel rods and apples.


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Step 2

Add some salsa to the cheese to make a queso dip. Run the salsa through a food processor before adding it to the cheese sauce to ensure no large chunks will jam the fountain. Serve queso dip with toasted pita chips, tortilla chips and vegetables.

Step 3

Turn your chocolate fountain into a caramel fountain. Heat the caramel with water on the stove and serve in the chocolate fountain with fruit, cookies or pound cake as fondue dippers.

Step 4

Fill the fountain with a dipping sauce. Choose from honey mustard, ranch salad dressing or barbecue sauce. Add water to any of these to get the desired consistency. Serve with crackers and pretzels to vegetables, bread, apples, chicken finger and wings, meatballs or potatoes.


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