What Side Dishes Go Good With Crab Cakes?

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Several side dishes go with crab cakes.
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Crab cakes are a delicious entree if you enjoy seafood dishes. They are not difficult to make at home or you can enjoy them at your favorite restaurant. The crab meat has a delicate, sweet flavor and most recipes use flour, crackers or cornmeal with a few spices and chopped vegetables such as onion, celery or bell pepper to flavor, but not overwhelm the crab meat. Choosing side dishes to go along with this rich entree is not a complicated task.


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French Fries

French fries are a traditional side for crab cakes.
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French fries are one of the most traditional side dishes to serve with crab cakes or any seafood entree. The flavor doesn't overpower the delicate taste of the crab cakes. You can make your own with raw potatoes or buy them frozen. You can bake the french fries in the oven to cut down on fat if you are watching calories or your cholesterol count.



Coleslaw is an inexpensive side dish.
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Coleslaw is an inexpensive side dish to eat with crab cakes. You can prepare it ahead of time if you are having a busy day. Many different recipes exist for making coleslaw. Many people make it with a vinegar sauce that gives it a bit of a tangy flavor or use a mayonnaise based dressing. Either way, it complements the rich flavor of crab cakes.


Pickled Okra

Serve pickled okra on the side.
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Even people who don't like the taste of fried or steamed okra seem to enjoy the taste of pickled okra. The tangy pickle flavor balances the sweet, rich flavor of the crab cakes. This necessary balance is why many people use condiments such as mustard, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce or lemon juice along with the crab cakes to give the dish a tangy flair.


Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a popular side dish.
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Many people like to get messy with scarfing down a rich seafood dinner. Crab cakes are not difficult to eat like boiled shrimp or crab legs. Serving corn on the cob and melted butter along with your crab cakes and other side dishes will enhance the casual ambiance of this meal.