What Do You Dip in Hummus?

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Hummus, a flavorful dip, can be paired with many food items you probably have in your kitchen.

Hummus is a refrigerated dip made from chickpeas which have been cooked and then crushed into a thick paste. Originating from the Middle East, hummus is usually seasoned with olive oil, salt, and garlic. Hummus, being from chickpeas, is a good source of protein, iron, fiber, and a variety of vitamins. Eat hummus as a snack or appetizer with vegetables, bread, pita or crackers.



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Hummus and vegetables is a healthy snack and it is low in calories. The high fiber content of both hummus and vegetables means you'll feel "full" longer than if you had eaten a snack of empty carbohydrates. Carrots, celery, baby tomatoes, raw broccoli and sliced raw peppers go well with hummus. The alkalinity of vegetables pairs well with the alkaline nature of hummus. The natural flavors of vegetables, chickpeas and spices combine to create a flavor that is bright and full.

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Bread is a classic pairing for hummus. To offset the salty, garlicky flavor of the hummus, choose breads of a mild flavor. Cheesy bread can also pair well with hummus, as long as the flavor of the cheese is not overly strong. Toast small slices of baguette and simply dip it in hummus, or spread hummus onto a sandwich as you would any other condiment.



Pita is the traditional pairing for hummus. Because pita also has its origins in the Middle East, it often comes to mind when people think of hummus. Pita with hummus is a filling snack that's low in calories. For this reason, it can be eaten as an appetizer at a party or even as a small lunch. For lunch, fill the inside of an entire pita pocket with a thin layer of hummus and add your choice of vegetables. Alternatively, cut pita pockets into triangular wedges, brush them with some butter and toast them before dipping them in hummus.


Crackers and Breadsticks

If you are having a small gathering and serving finger food, a simple and delicious platter is hummus with crackers and crunchy breadsticks. Hard breadsticks are generally salted, which pairs well with a milder hummus. Plain or buttery crackers are best for a more flavorful hummus, such as a red pepper hummus or a garlic hummus, while crackers seasoned with seeds and spices are best paired with a more mild hummus.



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