How to Change the Direction of the Refrigerator Door

Change the Direction of the Refrigerator Door
Change the Direction of the Refrigerator Door (Image: Courtesy Photobucket.)

Switching the direction of your refrigerator door is simple and easy, and it can make all the difference in the design of your kitchen. Almost all modern refrigerators have pre-drilled holes and simple instructions as to how to change the direction of the door, but this quick procedure is all you should need.

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Pull the refrigerator away from the wall. Unplug the power cord. Look above the freezer door on the top of the refrigerator. Remove the two metal hinge screws from the freezer door on the hinged side of the door.

Unscrew the hinge at the top of the refrigerator door. Install it in the same place at the other side of the door. You are just switching the hinges to hang the door on the other side. Look for the holes that are already there for this purpose. Remove the top hinge plate.

Re-install the two screws in the holes on the top of the fridge. Look on the top outer edge of the handle side of the door to find a small plug. Use a screwdriver to pry it out. Place it in the hole where the original hinge plate was removed. Lift the freezer door off the base and set it aside.

Look on the bottom of the fridge door on the hinge side for the bracket with the two screws in the fridge frame. It will be the same color as the fridge. Remove the two screws, causing the fridge door to drop. Place the door to the side. It may be easier to have a second person in this step to catch the fridge. Replace the two screws in the fridge frame.

Remove the center hinge bracket with the screwdriver (set between the fridge and freezer door). Put the screws back into the frame. Remove the two screws from the frame on the handle side of the fridge. Remove the first screw from the outer edge between the fridge and freezer.

Flip the originally removed center bracket upside down. Attach it with the removed screws. On the bottom fridge door, pry out the pivot pin. Remove the small screw from the bracket. Attach the pivot pin bracket and pin back onto the opposite side of the door.

On the old hinge side of the door, find the small plug on the face of the fridge door. Pry it out. You will see another plate or plug in the same area. Pry this out as well with a screwdriver and remove the screw under it. Remove the two screws on top of the fridge door that support the handle. Remove the handle and replace the screws. Replace the handle on the opposite side.

Remove the two screws on the bottom fridge frame, and remount the fridge door. Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the freezer door handle and remount on opposite side. Remove the pivot pin plate from the old hinge side of the freezer door and re-attach the freezer door handle on the new side.

Remove the two screws from the top of the fridge on the old handle side. Place the freezer door back on the center pivot. Re-mount the top hinge bracket.

Tips & Warnings

  • Every refrigerator comes with an instruction manual. Make sure to check your manual to see if there is a certain procedure you must follow. You may need to lift or adjust the doors to get the screws lined up. It may be easy to have two people switching the direction of the door for extra support.
  • Always put screws back where they came from. If you don't, insulation damage could result. Do not use a Phillips screwdriver as a star screwdriver. Doing so could strip the screw heads.
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