How to Have a Yard Sale Without a Yard

Okay, now you have finished organizing your home and you are wondering what to do with all the items that are in too good of condition to throw out. Choice number one is to drop it off at or have it picked up by a charity. But if you want to try and make money before making your donation you may want to have a yard/garage sale. What was that? Oh, you live in an apartment or condo where there is no garage. Well think about having a virtual yard sale. Below are some suggestions to host your very own virtual yard sale.

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Step one is to register on all the sites that have auctions. There is ebay and Yahoo! auctions, just to name two. If you do your research there are many others. See my other article on how to have a virtual yard sale for specific details.

Some places of employment allow you to post signs at work for items that you are selling. This works mostly for larger items. If you do this make sure to include your contact information and as many details of the items as you can. It is best if you are able to include a picture with it. Many local stores have bulletin boards at the entrance where you can post signs too.

Local news paper. Many newspapers allow you to list items in the paper that are less than a certain dollar amount.

Word of mouth. Let everyone you know what you are getting ride of and they may be interested in buying it. You never know.

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