How to know what to put in an adult piñata

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know what to put in an adult piñata

Piñatas can be fun for any party, even adults, but most feel that they are more of a children's activity. They are wrong! Piñatas can be just as fun for adults... It's just all about the prizes! Here are some suggestions to put in an adult piñata!


Step 1

Lottery tickets. Everyone loves the chance to win money. You'll find your guests scurrying about like children under the piñata once they find lottery tickets flowing out!

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Step 2

Cash. You don't have to put a ton of cash in, but a few dollar bills will bring a few smiles.

Step 3

Mini liquor bottles. Make sure they're the plastic ones! Remember, they can break!

Step 4

Do your guests have a sense of humor? Condoms/tiny sexual gifts found from stores like Spencer's or adult stores can be quite hilarious for your guests. Make sure you know the humor of your guests first though!!!


Step 5

Keychains. Find humorous or neat keychains to share with your guests.

Step 6

Travel size lotions/shampoos are always a good suggestion.

Step 7

Pens. Everyone needs pens!


Step 8

Gift cards. Gas cards, fast food cards, shopping cards... People will be pleased to see them!

Step 9

Chocolates with shots of alcohol mixed in.

Step 10

CANDY!!!! Who says adults don't like candy too?


Have fun with your piñata!

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