How to Make a Photographer's Gift Basket

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How to Make a Photographer's Gift Basket
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Things You'll Need

  • Basket, tote or camera bag

  • Photo books

  • Photo magazines

  • Photo magazine subscription

  • Tripod

  • Timer cord

  • Flash

  • Colored gels

  • Flash diffuser

  • Memory cards

  • Rolls of film (different types, speeds and brands)

  • Compressed air

  • Lens cleaner

  • Point and shoot cameras

  • Digital key chain

  • Camera cover

  • Lens covers

  • Photo site and/or local photo shop gift certificate

  • Clear cellophane wrap

  • Ribbon

  • Bow

  • Card

Choosing gifts for any occasion can be difficult because it is often hard to gauge what the person receiving the gift might want. Many people stick with generic items like books, movies or gift certificates. However, those items could send the message, "I just didn't think much about it." It is better to choose items that are personalized to the individual. Pick their favorite food, a hobby or something they have always aspired to be, such as a photographer. Amateur photographers, in particular, need a lot of supplies and materials in order to explore their passion thoroughly. Therefore, adding a few of these items to a photographer gift basket could just prove to be the perfect gift.


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Step 1: Pick a Basket

Choose a basket for the photography items. Or, better still, use a camera or tote bag that the photographer can actually use to carry some of his items.

Step 2: Choose Some Books

Purchase one or more photography books that covers everything from the simplest basics to more advanced photography.


Step 3: Add Some Magazine Samples

Add in a few photography magazines. Pick different types so that the person can determine which ones she might want to subscribe to in the future. If the person already has a magazine preference, then purchase her a year's subscription to that magazine. Put a card in the basket that confirms the subscription.


Step 4: A Premium Item or Two

Consider one or two premium items. One of them should definitely be a tripod. There are lots of funky new tripod designs out there, ranging in price from $10 up. This is a gift the photographer will use for many years to come. Another might be a timing cord. These don't automatically come with a camera, yet most photographers would love to have one for time-lapse photography. Throw in one or two camera lenses. Consider a flash, if the photographer doesn't already have one.


Step 5: How About Some Fun Stuff

Include some fun things like a few colored gels. Photographers love to experiment, and using colored gels offers them hours of photographic fun. Opt for a flash diffuser. That little item almost always comes in handy. Most photographers don't automatically think to purchase one for themselves. Lastly, if you aren't using a camera bag as the gift holder, then put a small one into the basket.


Step 6: The Bare Necessities

Provide some of the necessities like one or two memory cards for digital photographers or a few rolls of film for those who prefer the tried and true. Photographers can never have enough memory cards or film. Put in a can or two of compressed air and lens cleaner for cleaning the camera and its accessories.


Step 7: Some Thoughtful Additions

Opt for some backup tools like a throw-away point and shoot cameras (regular and/or digital). They can be taken anywhere and tossed once complete. Try a digital keychain so he can carry some of his prized shots wherever he goes. A backup camera cover is always a welcome gift as are lens covers.


Step 8: Fancy Photo Reproductions

Give her a gift certificate to an online photo site where she can convert her most prized photos into posters, paintings or other fun things like T-shirts, mouse pads or coffee mugs. Add in a gift card to a local photo shop where she can buy the supplies she wants.

Step 9: Attractive Presentation Wrapping

Display everything inside the basket, tote or bag and wrap it with clear cellophane wrap. Tie a ribbon around the top, add a bow and a card and you have the perfect photographer's gift basket.


In choosing photography books, look for those that provide a broad range of information. Opt for at least one photography book that is slanted to the individual's particular area of interest in photography, like portraits, nature or food. In purchasing camera lenses, don't go for the most expensive. Opt for something out of the ordinary, something the photographer might not normally buy. Photographers constantly lose lens covers so extras are always welcome. Choose different sizes of memory cards. If providing film, mix it up with some black and white, color, and slide options; different speeds; and different brands.


Avoid outlandishly expensive gifts that might make the receiver uncomfortable. Don't purchase any equipment without knowledge of the photographer's type and brand of camera.

It might be best to not purchase any of the listed items. Instead, consider a gift card to your photographer friend's favorite camera shop or supplier. Most pro or semi-pro photographers already have most if not all they need in the way of equipment and supplies. They're also typically very fussy about the items they prefer to use in their hobby or profession and are better left to pick and choose items for their own photographer gift basket..