How to Create a Zack Morris Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Blond hair dye or a blond wig

  • Old episodes of "Saved by the Bell"

  • Buttoned-down shirt

  • Jeans

  • Sneakers

  • Bayside High varsity jacket

  • 1980's cell phone

Create a Zack Morris Costume

Zack Morris is the beloved hero of the TV show "Saved by the Bell." His comedic antics won the hearts of millions of kids and adults alike. It also won the heart of Kelly. There is no better tribute to the teen pop culture of the late 20th century than portraying Zack for Halloween. Here's how you can make yourself into Zack for at least that one night.


Step 1

Die your hair blond. If that prospect has you freaking out, then wear a blond wig. Get one that is puffed up on top, yet is sleek and short. Zack is a prep in style, regardless of how the show stereotyped preppies.

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Step 2

Practice your Zack grin. Zack has a smile that makes hearts melt. In order to embrace this costume and truly be Zack for the evening, you need to get his smile down. Watch some old episodes and you will soon see what is so unique about his smile.


Step 3

Put on a patterned or colored button-down shirt. You want to be Zack Morris at his best. Poppy colors and pastels that embody the 1980's work best. Make him look cool and fun and remember to leave a couple of buttons undone at the top. Zack is anything but uptight.

Step 4

Slip into a pair of jeans. They should have a light to medium hue and be traditional, albeit a bit form fitting. Tuck the shirt down into the jeans. Don't wear a belt.


Step 5

Sport some cool high-top sneakers on your feet. Make sure the tongues stick out. It's high school, and things are oh-so-casual.

Step 6

Add a Bayside High varsity jacket, which you can order from a custom clothing shop. Alright, Zack wasn't a jock, but he can get what he wants. Maybe he borrowed it from Slater! It will add authenticity to your costume and most know about the high school from the show.


Step 7

Grab a huge over-sized cell phone from the 1980's. You can find one online or make one yourself using a cordless land line phone. It's an essential Zack Morris accessory and it will win nods and smiles from those who remember his antics with a cell phone. They will also marvel at how far cell phone technology has come in such a short time.


Watch old episodes of "Saved by the Bell" for some Zack inspiration.


Don't try the stunts that he pulled on the show. Some just may be illegal.


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