How to Be Noel and Liam Gallagher for Halloween

Both children and adults love to dress up for Halloween, but not everybody chooses to be a traditional goblin, ghost or zombie for Halloween. Many people like to dress up as their favorite celebrity. Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis are two rock stars who are easy to mimic on Halloween. Because of their fashion “styles,” being this duo for Halloween is a very simple process for you and a friend to complete.

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Noel Gallagher Costume

Begin by purchasing a soccer jersey. This can be a cheap generic jersey. Try to find a jersey with one main color. If you cannot, though, it doesn't matter as you'll have a jacket over the jersey.

Buy sunglasses with colored lenses. The lenses should be the same color as the main color of the soccer jersey. The size of the lenses don't really matter as Noel has been seen wearing all types of sunglasses in the past. You can also wear an untied scarf around our neck. Even though the scarf is more of a “Liam thing,” Noel has also been seen wearing one occasionally. If you do choose to wear a scarf, make sure it's the same color as the jersey and lenses of the sunglasses.

Wear a zip-up jeans jacket or black leather jacket. There are plenty of photographs around of Noel wearing either of these so whichever you choose is up to your taste and availability. The jacket should be open at least a little bit of the time to show off the jersey.

Wear whatever jeans and shoes you wish. Noel normally wears just a basic pair of blue jeans with no holes or other marks on them. A pair of Vans or Adidas sneakers, for example, would be a fine way to finish off the costume.

Carry around a guitar and, if you can, play some Oasis songs from time to time. Noel is the guitar playing brother, after all. A basic acoustic guitar will be fine for your Halloween costume.

Liam Gallagher Costume

Purchase a long black overcoat or a black zip-up leather jacket. When being Liam Gallagher for Halloween, your jacket should be zipped up or closed more than Noel's. Wear either a T-shirt from one of your favorite bands (The Beatles would be appropriate) or a plain white T-shirt underneath for when times when the jacket is open.

Find sunglasses with large, circular colored lenses. The color doesn't really matter as Liam often mixes and matches the colors of his wardrobe.

Tie a colored scarf around your neck. Again, this scarf doesn't have to match any part of the costume. The only difference between Liam and Noel is that Liam will tie a scarf instead of letting it simply hang down.

Wear black jeans or pants and darker shoes to complete the outfit.

Sing with your upper body leaning forward and your hands together and behind your back. Anybody who has ever seen Oasis perform has seen Liam Gallagher sing in this manner.

Tips & Warnings

  • Work on your Liverpool accent. Listen to Oasis interviews to hear what you should sound like.
  • Smoke plenty of cigarettes and consume plenty of drinks throughout the evening. The Gallagher brothers love their smokes and drinks.
  • Be obnoxious when you're portraying Noel and Liam Gallagher. They're cocky and arrogant artists. You should act this way both when performing Oasis songs or when just standing around.
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