How to Have a Fun Halloween Sleepover

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How to Have a Fun Halloween Sleepover. Halloween night is a perfect time for a spooky sleepover. Make plans and prepare a menu and activities to make your Halloween sleepover extra special.


Step 1

Organize your guest list. A fun sleepover is dependant on the people you have invited. Invite enough people to have a good group, but not so many that your space is crowded or you are unable, as the host, to meet the needs of all of your guests. Make certain that all of the guests you have invited are friendly. A sleepover with drama between guests is no fun at all.

Step 2

Go all out with decorations. Halloween is one holiday where you can't over do the decorations. Discount stores have a large selection of creepy decorations for the holiday, many of them animated, lighted or with eerie sound effects. Fake spider web is a cheap way to add a creepy touch all over your house. Invest in a CD of spooky Halloween sound effects to play during the evening.


Step 3

Prepare ghoulish Halloween food. The Internet has a wealth of ideas for Halloween treats. Make a bloody punch with a hand floating in it. Make a cake that looks like a graveyard. Serve big bowls of bloody spaghetti guts. Display your food with flickering candlelight and a decorated table.

Step 4

Plan some fun or creepy games. Have someone pose as a fortune teller or tarot card reader. Have a pumpkin carving contest. Bobbing for apples is an old fashioned and fun game for Halloween. Create a supernatural atmosphere by staging a séance.


Step 5

Arrange for someone to spook your guests during the night. During a sleepover, the wee hours of the morning can be a dead time in your party atmosphere. Have a friend dress up as a chain saw killer and crank up the chain saw right outside your front door. A grim reaper passing by a darkened window brings shrieks and screams from your guests. A little scare at Halloween is frightening, yet harmless fun.