How to Play Halloween Candy Poker

Poker is an extremely popular activity, and it's not only popular among adults. Even young children can learn how to play. Here is a way for younger children to play poker, without getting involved in the gambling of money. Instead, the children will play against the other children at the table for Halloween candy. Each player should arrive at the table with an equal number of pieces of candy. The child with the most candy at the end of the night is the winner.

Things You'll Need

  • Halloween candy

  • Poker table or standard table

  • Chairs

Step 1

Organize a children's Halloween candy poker game at your next Halloween party. To play the Halloween candy poker game, a minimum of four players are needed, and a maximum number of ten children can play. The ideal number of children playing the game is between six to eight players.

Step 2

Determine the value of the candy that each child brings to the table for the Halloween candy poker game. Typically, there are three values. The lowest value are the hard candies, pieces of gum, lollipops and other small pieces of candy. The medium value are the snack-size candy bars. The high-value chips are the full-size candy bars. Typically, three pieces of any one category of candy equals one piece of candy from the category above it.

Step 3

Help the children sort their candies into the three different valued piles

Step 4

Deal five cards face down to each child. Allow each child to look at the cards, and then direct them to each place one piece of the lowest value candy into the center of the table.

Step 5

Allow each child to discard up to three cards from her hand and replace them with an equal number of cards from the draw deck. If a player wishes to stay "in the hand" after discarding and drawing cards, instruct her to place a piece of candy from the middle-value pile into the center of the table.

Step 6

Permit the children to discard and draw cards one more time; however, this time each child is limited to discarding and drawing just one card. If the child thinks his hand is good enough to win the pile of candy in the center of the table, direct him to put one piece of candy from his highest value candy pile into the center of the table.

Step 7

Reveal the cards and determine the winner. The player with the best poker hand wins all the candy in the center of the table.


Candy that is won can either be added to the winner's low-, medium-, and high-value piles. It could also be set aside in a bag for that child and not used in further hands of the Halloween candy poker game.


Make sure the parents of the children attending the Halloween party approve of the concept of gambling at a child's party.