How to Safely Use a Fragrance Oil Warmer

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Things You'll Need

  • Oil warmer

  • Home fragrance oil

  • Unscented tea-light candle

  • Matches or a candle lighter

Heated oil can burn skin or cause a fire.

Home fragrance oil warmers provide a quick and easy way to scent your home. They often make an attractive decoration as well. There are many types of oil warmers, but all should be used with safety in mind to avoid fire or injury. Take particular care with oil warmers that use a candle as the heat source.


Step 1

Locate your oil warmer in a spot that is clutter free and stable to minimize risk of fire. Ensure that the area is open and has good air flow. Oil warmers are best suited to larger rooms.

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Step 2

Consult the bottle your home fragrance oil is in to determine how much oil to use. Place the appropriate amount in the dish or reservoir of your oil warmer. If the dish is removable, set it aside to ensure more safety when you light the candle.

Step 3

Prepare your tea light. It is best to use an unscented tea-light candle, so its scent does not mix with your fragrance oil. Place the tea light in the bottom of your oil warmer or into the candle holder part of your oil warmer if it has one. Find the wick of the candle and make it stand up straight.


Step 4

Light your candle with matches or a long-handled candle lighter. Keep the flame away from your fragrance oil so it does not catch on fire.

Step 5

Place the oil dish back on the top of the oil warmer if you have removed it. The oil warmer should immediately begin to scent your room.


Step 6

Check your oil warmer periodically. Maintain an appropriate level of oil in the oil dish, and watch the oil burner for smoke. If your oil warmer begins to smoke, extinguish the candle, clean your oil warmer and start over with a new tea light.

Step 7

Extinguish the candle if you are going to be out of the room for more than a few minutes.

Step 8

Do not touch the oil or the holder until it has completely cooled.


Keep your oil warmer away from children and pets. Keep your oil warmer clean. Dispose of any unused oil after you are finished using your oil warmer.


Never put more oil into your oil warmer while the candle is still burning. Extinguish the candle first to ensure your safety. Do not overfill your oil warmer. This may cause it to splash and catch on fire. Do not place the oil warmer in a location where it will be easily knocked over.


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