How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner

How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner. Carpets are nice and warm and cozy under your freezing toes in the winter. That is unless the carpet is dingy and smells like a wet dog. Carpet cleaners can help bring those carpets back to their former glory.

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Find a store that rents carpet cleaners. Check with your local Home Depot for a carpet cleaner. Home Depot rents the carpet cleaner by the half day or all day. Rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner at Food Lion, Kroger or Lowes Home Center, or any number of grocery chains. Rent a carpet cleaner at UHaul for around $20 per day.

Choose the best carpet cleaner in the store. Inspect the carpet cleaner. Look for dirty bristles, a dirty water tank, dirty attachments. People clean all sorts of stuff with carpet cleaners. Someone allergic to animals should inspect the machine for animal smells and left over animal hair. Choose a machine that you can move as well. Pick a clean and manageable machine.

Buy supplies. Most rental agreements do not include the cleaning solution and other supplies. Buy a urine eliminator to remove deep down animal and human urine stains. Buy a pre treatment for high traffic areas. Finally, don't forget the most important carpet cleaning solution. Ask the rental agent or look at the machine for directions on which cleaning solution works in the machine.

Ask for instructions on how to use the carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners are easy to use if you know what you are doing. You can rent the machine, take it home, and read the instructions. But, asking the store clerk is so much easier. Ask for a demonstration.

Pay for the carpet cleaner. Many rental agreements are for a specific amount of money for a specific period of time. Many times renting it for a few more hours is cheaper if you do it up front than if you return the machine late. Add extra time in for the drive to and from the store, for time to find the solutions, for time to figure out how the machine works, and for other time consuming measures involved in renting a carpet cleaner. It takes time, so give yourself enough time when determining the time frame for rental.

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