How to Make a Hershey's Kiss Costume for Kids

The easiest way to guarantee yourself a kiss on Halloween night? Turn yourself into one, of course! This costume is easy to make, easy to wear, and guaranteed to make your sweetest little thing all the sweeter on All Candies' Eve.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pool noodles

  • Scissors

  • Silver duct tape

  • 1 1/2 yards of silver spandex fabric

  • Hot glue gun

  • Pillow stuffing

  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

  • 2 yards of 1/2-inch ribbon

  • Safety pin

  • Scrap piece of cardboard

  • 2 feet of 2 1/2-inch white ribbon

  • Turquoise fabric pen

  • Letter stencils in block letters

  • Grey or silver headband

  • Silver shoes


This costume fits a size 3 child. Additional pool noodles can be taped together for larger costume wearers, and you can adjust the amount of fabric accordingly.

Step 1: Form Loops With the Pool Noodles

Take two pool noodles and cut one 4 inches shorter than the other. Duct tape each noodle together end to end, forming a loop with each noodle.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 2: Stack the Noodles

Stack the smaller noodle on top of the larger one and tape them together.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri
Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 3: Line the Inside With Tape

Add a line of tape to the inside of your bigger noodle. This will prevent the hot glue from melting the pool noodle. Any tape color will do, as it will not be showing.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 4: Wrap and Glue Fabric to the Noodles

Wrap one end of the silver spandex fabric around the two noodles, overlapping it a little bit. Hot glue the bottom edge of the fabric to the duct tape line inside the noodle.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri
Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 5: Add a Ring of Stuffing

To give the costume the famous Hershey's Kiss shape, add an even ring of pillow stuffing between the outside of the pool noodles and the inside of the fabric.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 6: Close the Back Seam

Hot glue or sew together the back seam of the fabric all the way to the top. It should now be a fabric tube that is open on both ends.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 7: Trim the Top

Measure your child from shoulders to ankles to determine the proper length of the costume. Trim any excess silver spandex fabric off the top, leaving an extra 1 1/2 inches for the drawstring.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 8: Create a Drawstring Closure at the Top

Fold over the top of the fabric 1 1/2 inches and sew along the raw edge to create a channel for a drawstring closure, leaving an opening at the back. Add a safety pin to one end of your 1/2-inch ribbon and feed it through the opening in the drawstring channel. Continue to pull it through the channel until you have both ribbon ends sticking out of the channel. Remove the safety pin.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 9: Make the Armholes

Try the costume on the child to determine where the armholes should go. Take the costume off and cut out 3- to 4-inch holes for the arms to go through.

Step 10: Make a Cardboard Hershey's Kiss Hat

Cut a 6 1/2-inch Hershey's Kiss shape out of cardboard, essentially a triangle with rounded corners. Wrap the cardboard with silver duct tape in a bottom-to-top angled direction, as if it were being twisted at the top. Allow wrinkles to form as you wrap the tape, resembling foil.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri
Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 11: Make the "Kisses" Label

Make the label that comes out of the top of the kiss by stenciling the word "kisses" on the 2 1/2-inch white ribbon that measures 2 feet long. Use block letter stencils and a turquoise fabric marker.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 12: Tape the Ribbon to the Hat

Tape the ribbon to the back of the hat using silver duct tape.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Step 13: Tape the Hat to the Headband

Tape the silver kiss hat to the front of the headband using more silver duct tape.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri

Have your child step into the costume, putting his/her arms through the armholes, and then pull the drawstring taut at the top and tie it into a knot. Garnish the costume with the adorable hat, and your little one is ready for trick or treating.

Image Credit: Sonya Nimri