How to Mail Christmas Gifts

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Things You'll Need

  • Gifts

  • Packing materials

How to Mail Christmas Gifts. Many of us are clueless as to what to consider when mailing Christmas gifts. A good time to start thinking seriously about this process would be mid-November. You don't need to mail the packages until the first week in December to guarantee timely arrival. Read on to learn how to mail Christmas gifts.

Get Ready-to-Mail Christmas Gifts

Step 1

Consider the list of people you will be mailing Christmas gifts to. If there are several, you might want to find a way to streamline the process for yourself. Once you decide who will receive gifts via mail or other shipping methods, your work is easy.

Step 2

Select gifts that travel well and will not arrive broken. Choose toys that can be protected safely while in transit. Clothing is a good choice and should make it intact to its destination. If you have someone on your list that wants the latest electronic gadget, you might consider having it shipped directly from the store where you bought it to their address. This can be done easily if you buy online. Gift certificates are always good and do not require special treatment as they can go into a Christmas card.

Step 3

Purchase all of the appropriate mailing materials including labels and fillers such as bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts.

Send the Christmas Gifts

Step 1

Wrap your packages in Christmas paper before putting them in a shipping box. When recipients open the outer box they will know to put the gift under the tree until Christmas Day.

Step 2

Use the correct-size shipping box. Place all gifts into the box, filling empty spaces with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts.

Step 3

Seal the box securely using strong packing tape. Clearly print the shipping and return addresses on the outside of the box or on a specially prepared shipping label.

Step 4

Expect packages sent through the U.S. mail to take about five days to get to their destination if mailed Parcel Post, and two to three days if mailed by priority mail. The numbers given are based on the assumption that the gifts will have to travel many miles to your loved ones. You can arrange for your package to be picked up from your home. The post office delivers six days per week, and special delivery is available for Sundays and holidays. Overnight delivery service is available as well.

Step 5

Consider shipping by another method, if necessary. Non-holiday transit time for package delivery with UPS and FedEx is two to three days. Both offer overnight delivery and will ship items to be delivered on Saturday for an extra charge. Package pickup from your home or office can be arranged, and rebates are sometimes offered-check online to see what may be available.


Purchase the optional insurance if the package contains something expensive or fragile. It will more than pay for itself by giving you peace of mind. There are mail service businesses that will package, address, ship and track an item you drop off. Look in your yellow pages for one near you.


Expensive glassware or delicate items should be heavily wrapped and protected with shipping materials. Christmas mail is often hindered by the sheer volume that is sent by everyone at the same time. Keep this in mind and add extra days to your arrival time expectations.