How to Make an Eeyore Costume

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What's not to love about the charming yet gloomy Eeyore from ‌Winnie the Pooh‌ fame? This sweet but salty donkey is one of the most beloved characters in all of ‌Winnie the Pooh‌. Life in the hundred-acre wood just wouldn't be the same without him.

Just imagine Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh stomping through the woods without their best friend Eeyore by their side, being his mopey self and eating thistles along the way. Fortunately, Eeyore will forever live in the woods among his friends, and he can even be brought to life any time of year by those who love him most.


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How to Make an Eeyore Costume

Looking for fun, unique or last-minute costume ideas this time of year? Look no further! DIY Eeyore costumes can be used for a Halloween party, a group costume idea for trick or treating, or even a Pooh Bear stage production at school.


Ever since Disney helped make the character popular, plenty of Halloween costumes are out there for sale; however, it doesn't take much to make DIY Halloween costumes yourself and save tons of money. We're happy to show you how with these easy hacks.

Things You'll Need

  • Blue-gray hoodie and sweatpants

  • Gray, pink, and blue-gray felt

  • Black fur

  • Pink ribbon

  • White gloves and/or socks

  • Sewing kit, glue gun, or hook and loop fasteners

  • Gray and blue-gray face paint

1. Buy or repurpose sweats

Buy a blue-gray hoodie and sweatpants. If you can't find them in this color, repurpose light-colored sweats by dyeing them yourself with fabric dye from your local store or Amazon.



If you already have a T-shirt or an old pair of leggings in this color lying around, those will work well for making Disney costumes too.

2. Cut out Eeyore’s belly

Cut out a strip of solid gray felt into a half-oval. Attach it to the front of the sweatshirt for Eeyore's belly by sewing it on, gluing it, or with hook and loop fasteners.

3. Create Eeyore’s ears

Cut the ears out of blue-gray felt. Cut out smaller pieces of pink felt and attach them to the blue-gray pieces by sewing them, gluing them, or using hook and loop fasteners


4. Attach Eeyore’s ears

Attach the ears to the hood where the top of the wearer's ears would be with either thread, glue, or hook and loop fasteners. Then, add a long strip of black fur down the middle of the hoodie to create the mane.



If you don’t want to attach the felt ears or fur mane to the hoodie itself, you can attach them to a headband with glue or hook and loop fasteners instead.

5. Make Eeyore’s tail

Cut another strip of blue-gray felt for the tail. Attach a piece of black fur to one end by sewing, gluing, or with hook and loop fasteners, and tie a pink ribbon around it.


6. Fasten Eeyore’s tail

Fasten the tail to the seat of the sweatpants with thread, hot glue, or hook and loop fasteners.


7. Put on Eeyore’s paws

Use white socks for the rear paws (feet). Use white gloves or another pair of socks for the front paws (hands).

8. Paint your face

Paint the wearer's face blue-gray above the nose. Paint the rest of the face solid gray.



Thistles make a great prop for an Eeyore costume. A flower with a small purple bloom will do. A set of blue-gray pajamas can be used instead of sweats, especially if they have feet. Anything attached to the costume can be done by sewing or using a no-sew method like hot glue.

Whether you need a costume for a child, teen or adult, this costume DIY project is simple, inexpensive, and frankly, it's really comfortable. With just a few basic items, you can make this Eeyore costume in several different ways.



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