Homemade Honey Pot Costume Accessories

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Create a honey pot costume, complete with accessories, for Halloween.

With the release of "Winnie the Pooh" in 2011, young and old alike have a renewed interest in Pooh bear and his friends. This Halloween, instead of dressing up as a traditional Pooh character, create a honey pot costume. Add accessories to the costume, such as dripping honey or bees, to make the costume easily identifiable.


The Lid

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To make a lid to wear on your head, start with an old baseball cap. Cut the brim off the cap and discard it. Spray paint the remaining cap using a paint that matches the honey pot color. Attach a 2-inch pom pom to the top center of the hat using hot glue, as well. Choose a pom pom that coordinates with the costume's colors.

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Since bees love honey, add small bees to the costume as an accessory. Use hot glue to attach three 1-inch pom poms to together. Use two black pom poms with a yellow one in the center. Cut a black pipe cleaner into a 2-inch piece. Bend the pipe cleaner in half to create a "V" shape and hot glue it to the top of one of the black pom poms. Create wings by cutting them out of white felt and gluing them to the top center of the yellow pom pom. Hot glue the bees to the sides of the honey pot or onto the lid. Make as many bees as you like.


Dripping Honey

Add the effect of dripping honey to the outside of the costume. Using colored hot glue in gold or amber, squirt the glue around the rim of the honey pot costume. Use enough that the glue runs down the edge of the costume. Alternatively, cut out pieces of amber-colored felt to look like dripping honey and hot glue it to the side of the honey pot. Or, create dripping honey using yellow paint. Dribble the paint over the side of the costume to add the dripping effect.



Create a pair of bee antennae to represent the bees from the honey hive. Start with a plain, 1/4-inch headband in either black or yellow. Wrap the bottom inch of a 12-inch black pipe cleaner around the headband in the 11 o'clock position. Wrap the bottom inch of a second 12-inch black pipe cleaner around the 1 o'clock position on the headband. Hot glue a large 1 1/2-inch black pom pom to the end of each of the pipe cleaners to finish the antennae.



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