How to Turn Your Front Yard Into a Halloween Masterpiece

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There is something undeniably magical about Halloween: the sudden chill in the air and the plethora of spooky decorations give an imaginative backdrop to costumes and candy. If you haven't already planned out how to transform your front yard for the occasion, then these projects are sure to help. Whether you keep your porch tastefully decorated with floral pumpkins and a scarecrow, or you go all out and create a nightmarish scene of tombstones and walking ghosts, these projects will make your yard the neighborhood's must-see entertainment on Halloween night.


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Make a Life-Sized Ghost to Haunt Your Yard

It wouldn't be Halloween without ghosts, but a simple white sheet won't do. Make your yard extra spooky with these life-sized sculptural ghosts built out of chicken wire. Hauntingly beautiful, these ghosts do double duty: they scare the trick-or-treaters by night, and serve as a lawn sculpture by day.


Protect Your Yard From Pests

Scarecrows are a great addition to any garden or vegetable patch, but they also make fantastic Halloween decorations. You can decide how welcoming yours is by dressing him up like a friendly farmer, or a zombie who wishes he only had a brain.


Plant Greenery in Concrete Pumpkins

If carving pumpkins isn't really your thing, these concrete pumpkin planters make a great substitute. Simply pour concrete into a pumpkin candy bucket, prepare and set the mold, then let it dry. For a slightly ominous look, plant some dried or dead plants instead of live ones.


Mark Some Final Resting Places With Cardboard Tombstones

While true death may be permanent, these realistic cardboard tombstones allow your front yard to become a temporary cemetery. All you need are some cardboard boxes, newspaper and some spray paint to make your visitors rest in peace through the holiday.


Fence in Your Fictional Dead

A cemetery wouldn't look like a cemetery if there wasn't a fence to separate the dead from the living. Make sure you contain all of your potential zombies with a rusty cemetery fence that requires only a few tools, some PVC pipes and wood. Remember, the fence isn't there to keep you out, it's there to keep them in.


Build a Witch Hitting a Tree

Having a witch as a decoration in your yard is almost a given. Why not add a touch of humor to your Halloween decor with this witch hitting a tree? Make her a cautionary tale: you can tell the kids she was texting while flying.


Creep Out the Kids With Giant Spiders

Don't just hang cobwebs this Halloween! Include some large black spiders made from household items. Not only will you up the creepiness factor in your bushes and trees, but these fake spiders will put all of those leftover egg cartons and toilet paper rolls to good use.


Create a Ghost Illusion That is Sure to Scare

This impressive spectral illusion is as simple as it is awesome. Use a monitor, a large plexiglass frame and some black fabric to create this illusion in your front window, and you will be all set to scare everyone who comes to your door.

Freak Out the Arachnophobes With a Rope Spiderweb

There is a shudder-inducing quality to spiders who build oversized webs. Tap into that fear with a simple spiderweb decoration. Artfully knotted string and plenty of fake spiders will make this an easy project to complete in an afternoon, and scare everyone all night long.

Forget Scary and Decorate With Floral Pumpkins

For a look that isn't quite so intimidating, these gorgeous pumpkins made from fresh flowers, raffia and wooden sticks are a unique and colorful addition to your halloween decor. Choose seasonal flowers to add some color to your doorstep on Halloween night.