10 Foods You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

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salmon, granola and tomato sauce.
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Keep These 10 Foods in Your Kitchen

If you develop a habit of always having a few versatile items in stock, then the scramble to make a home-cooked meal becomes much more streamlined. From Greek yogurt that you can pair with granola or use in a savory dipping sauce, to a pesto that works in sandwiches and pastas, these recipes satisfy from day to night. Here are 10 items that you should always have in your kitchen.

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homemade granola
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And speaking of granola, this homemade granola recipe is one you should master. Not only is it better for you than any type of granola bar that you have to unwrap, but it also works for a.m. meals and post-dinner sweets. Use it with the aforementioned yogurt, or couple it with honey.

homemade almond milk
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Almond Milk

In case you like your granola with milk, you'll obviously need a good recipe on hand as well. Making almond milk from scratch will prove that you've never really tasted almond milk before. The additives in the store-bought versions change the flavor quite a bit, so once you make your own, you'll be sure to keep a steady stock of it in the fridge for a simple beverage or a more complex meal.

homemade tortilla chips
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Tortilla Chips

Making tortilla chips is a great way to never worry about running out of your favorite snack — even if bowls of guacamole and salsa are emptied. Use this recipe to make the most of your leftover tortillas, and pair it with an array of soups and appetizers.

gin and tonic
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Cocktail Basics

It's always good to have one fancy drink recipe on hand to whip up for a guest without having to think about it. A classic gin and tonic is one of those drink recipes that's easy to nail and delights almost all cocktail drinkers.

salmon cooked on stove
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Salmon is a great seafood option to keep in your kitchen for nights when you want to eat healthy without dealing with too much prep. Learn how to cook salmon on the stove and quickly master the dish that can be rich and flaky when done to perfection.

compound butter
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So here's the deal: we already know that butter improves everything. But compound butter recipes? That's when things get interesting. Make a different compound butter recipe for the dishes you already love — from steaks to croissants — and see whether or not you consequently love them even more (spoiler: you will).

homemade pesto
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Let's think of pesto as a verb here, because once you can perfect this recipe, you can pesto everything. Add it to your sandwiches, layer it onto warm spaghetti noodles or mix it into your favorite chicken dish for even more flavor. Get ready to reimagine your lunch and dinner menus.

tomato sauce
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Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a classic staple for good reason: it's versatile and healthy, and once you find your favorite, you'll never need another. Learn how to make tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, and use it for your weeknight dinners. You can even freeze a batch for when you know your schedule will be particularly busy.


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