Glamping Checklist: 16 Essentials for a Stylish Getaway

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mood board featuring various glamping essential items
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Also known as "glamorous camping," glamping incorporates luxe items and resort-style amenities into the rugged outdoor environment, offering campers the best of both worlds. Add a dash of glamour to your next camping trip with these must-have items.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
log side table on patio
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Log Side Table

A log side table fits right in with the outdoor setting, but the geometric angles elevate it from simple to chic. Use it to create an intimate seating area or reading nook.

Image Credit: Sarah Dorsey
blue hammock hanging outside
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Macrame Hammock

Swing to the rhythm of nature in a relaxing hammock. We dare you not to have the best nap of your life.

Image Credit: Angie Diersman
lace doily dreamcatcher hanging on wall
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Lace Dreamcatcher

Ensure sweet dreams on your glamping adventure with a lace doily dreamcatcher. Legend has it the web catches good dreams that slide down into the sleeping minds below it.

Image Credit: Megan Andersen
painted kilim pillow in a chair
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Kilim Pillow

Dress up your camping space with a hand-painted kilim pillow. It will add instant color and pattern to your sleeping quarters or lounge area.

Image Credit: Lindsay Jackman
marble serving tray with gold stripes
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Marble Serving Tray

No one will miss room service when you serve snacks or cocktails on an elegant marble serving tray. Cheese plate, anyone?

Image Credit: Summer Hogan
geometric lanterns set out on the street
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Geometric Lanterns

Let there be light -- stylish lighting, that is. Fill these trendy geometric lanterns with flameless candles if you don't want to worry about open flames.

Image Credit: Tim & Mary Vidra
feather garland with glittery gold tips
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Glitter Feather Garland

String up a glitter-dipped feather garland. A little bit rustic and a little bit boho-glam, it'll add some sparkle to your campsite.

Image Credit: Gillian Ellis
giant jenga game
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Giant Jenga

Challenge your fellow glampers to a friendly game of Jenga. You won't have to worry about losing any game pieces in the woods with this giant-sized version.

Image Credit: Tim & Mary Vidra
paper flower garland
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Paper Flower Garland

Add a pop of color to your camping quarters with a paper flower garland. Talk about art imitating nature.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins
cupcakes with blue frosting and mustache toppers
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Mustache Cupcake Toppers

Because cupcakes are more fun (and hipster) when they're topped with edible mustaches. Whether you're glamping with ladies or gents, dessert is sure to be a hit.

Image Credit: Jamie Shields
book page banner hanging over a painting on the wall
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Book Page Banner

Take campfire stories to another level with this book page banner. Literature lovers, this one's for you.

Image Credit: Cassie Bustamante
pomegranate citrus sangria garnished with orange slices
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Pomegranate Citrus Sangria

Every good glamping trip needs a signature cocktail. This refreshing pomegranate citrus sangria will do just the trick. Bonus: the longer it sits, the more flavorful it becomes.

Image Credit: Julia Mueller
suitcase transformed into a picnic basket
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Vintage Picnic Basket

Forget about packing up your tableware in a ho-hum box or crate. Instead, organize and transport them in a vintage-inspired suitcase-turned-picnic basket.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong
burger on brioche bun with fries and ketchup
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Brioche Burger

Fire up the grill and get those burgers sizzling. Elevate them to a glamping-worthy entree by serving them on a soft, fluffy brioche bun.

Image Credit: Thalia Ho


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