How to Make Wall Calendars

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • High quality paper

  • Staples or brads

Create your own wall calendars for fun, business or as gifts

You no longer have to purchase a wall calendar when you need one. Simply use one of these easy methods to create your own wall calendar with as much or as little personalization as you desire. Create each calendar and then add graphics, photos, text and fun colored fonts to make your calendar truly unique. Print the calendar yourself or order it online if you want it professionally printed.


Step 1

Go to the web site for a unique way to create a wall calendar. Download their free EZ Photo Calendar Creator Software by clicking on the link in the first paragraph that guides you through the installation. Find the program on your computer and open the software after it's downloaded.

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Step 2

Click Create New. Then give your new project a name and click OK. Click on a layout from the Layout tab. Choose theme and color from the Theme tab and then apply to all months or create a new theme and color for each month by clicking on the month tabs at the top of the calendar view box. Add dates and pictures for different special days from the Date tab. In the Imprint Info tab, choose the large picture and text to print above each month. Edit fonts, colors and dates with the buttons below the calendar view box, and then click on Preview/Print. You can choose to print your calendar yourself or order it to be printed and shipped to you with the buttons underneath the calendar view box.


Step 3

Order a kit to help you create a sturdy, protected wall calendar. At the web site, you can order a calendar kit to assist you in creating and protecting your wall calendar. It includes binding, protection and special paper for printing the calendar yourself. From the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Wall Calendar Kit to find ordering information.


Step 4

Log on to a site such as if you need a business wall calendar. In the Business menu go to Promotions and Events and then click on calendars. Find the type of wall calendar you would like to personalize with your business or personal information and click on it. Choose by clicking on one of the pre-designed themed calendar templates or one to which you can add your own photos or artwork.


Step 5

After choosing your template, a page offers you several choices for layout and color options. Simply click on each option to preview or choose it. When finished, click continue to go to the customize page where you choose the start date and input text for the calendar title, message, business address, phone number and e-mail. Click Continue to navigate through each monthly page, entering the same information for each. Click the add image button to add more images to any page of the calendar. After you have completed all the months, click Finished to Preview and edit or approve your calendar. Click Continue to go on to the ordering and payment pages.



Step 6

Create a personalized photo wall calendar from any number of photo gift sites such as Click on calendars in the Snapfish store menu then choose the size and style calendar you would like to make. Choose your style, starting month and calendar length and then click Create Calendar. Choose layout and background options from the menu at the bottom of the editing page by simply clicking on your choices. Add holidays and important dates by using the button at the top of the page that drops down a menu of choices. Check your work in progress using the preview button at the top of the page.


Step 7

Customize your calendar by clicking on the Get Photos menu to upload photos from your computer for the calendar. Drag and drop the pictures onto the monthly large photo area and add text by clicking on the Add Text button then adding it in the text entry box where the color, font and size may be changed. Edit any daily square of the calendar by double clicking it and then dragging a photo to the pop-up menu box where you can also add text. Save your calendar at any time by clicking the Save Calendar button at the bottom of the page and when you're finished, click Order Calendar to begin the checkout and payment process.

Tip offers both traditional monthly wall calendars and poster sized yearly wall calendars. Snapfish allows you to upload photos into daily boxes to mark special days like birthdays with a photo rather than text.


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