How to Make a Balloon Stand Out of PVC

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • PVC pipe, 1-inch diameter

  • Hacksaw

  • 5-way PVC plastic pipe fitting

  • 5 1-inch PVC end caps

Balloon stands can help you make balloon trees, columns and arches.
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A balloon column, tree, topiary or arch all need a sturdy balloon stand to support them, whether you are decorating for a school dance, anniversary party or wedding. Create several balloon stands out of strong yet lightweight PVC pipe. Tie two balloons together and twist them around the balloon stand. Twist on more pairs of balloons until you create a column of color that can add drama to a large space. Create several balloon stands, making them the same height or in varying sizes for added impact.


Step 1

Cut one piece of PVC pipe that measures 6 feet long. Cut four more pieces that each measure 1 foot long.

Step 2

Insert each of the small pieces into the 5-way PVC plastic pipe fitting to create four legs for the balloon stand.

Step 3

Push an end cap firmly on the end of each leg. This creates the base for the balloon stand.

Step 4

Place an end cap on one end of the long PVC pipe. Insert the other end into the center opening in the 5-way PVC fitting. The balloon stand is now ready for balloons to be twisted around it.


Once you learn how to make a balloon stand for a balloon column or large tree, you can make a miniature version for a small balloon tree or topiary around 3 to 4 feet high.

Make a balloon stand for a balloon arch by fitting a base onto each end of a 15-foot PVC pipe.