How to Make a Balloon Stand Out of PVC

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A balloon stand makes an effective decoration for a party or occasion of any kind, and it is simpler than you might think to make your own PVC pipe balloon stand. Making a DIY balloon stand is a handy skill to have, and it can save a lot of money on otherwise expensive decorations.


Make Your Own PVC Pipe Balloon Stand

You can make several types of balloon stands from PVC pipes, including a DIY balloon stand for a table. No matter which type you choose, you'll have all you need for an impressive decoration for your next gathering. Use it as a backdrop for photos, for a charity event, as part of a wedding or birthday decor, and much more.

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The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of stand you want and where you plan to put it. Unless you're going to hang it from something, such as the wall, the ceiling, a piece of furniture or a tree, you'll need to create a base.

Simply create an X-shape using PVC pipe and secure the pipes together with duct tape to make a base. You'll only need one base if you're doing a DIY balloon stand pole or a column. If you're creating an arch, you need two, one for each side. You can attach them in the same way, using duct tape. You can also cut holes in the stands and insert one through the other (or do both this and use duct tape).


Preparing the Balloon Stand

The easiest way to cut PVC pipe is using an X-acto knife. Make sure it has fresh, unused razor blades, which will make cutting easier. Be very, very careful when using a sharp cutting implement like this, and never use it with children present.


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To make an arch of any kind, you need to make very exact measurements as you cut the pipe. This is because you need the two sides to be equal. If they're off by an inch or so, you probably won't see it, but any more than that, and it will look uneven. It may even make the arch unsteady.


A column or pole is much simpler, as it only requires one additional piece of PVC. Just be sure not to make it too tall for the stand, or it may not stand upright easily. You can choose to attach the PVC pipe to a block of wood as a base, instead of crossing two pieces of PVC together. In this case, you would need to use a metal flange to attach the PVC to the wooden base.



Attach the Balloons

The simplest way to attach the balloons is to tie a string to the end of them and then either tie the string to the pole or duct tape it. Duct tape may hold better, but it isn't as pretty.


You can use either helium balloons or regular air. Keep in mind that regular air is significantly heavier than helium, but helium typically won't last as long. However, if your party is just for a day, helium may be a good choice for ultimate lift and a better aesthetic.

Table DIY Balloon Column Stand PVC

You can make a number of creative balloon stand centerpieces to sit on tables or countertops for your event. Typically, these will be columns or poles. You'll use much the same method as outlined above to make these, but buy thinner and shorter PVC pipes.


Attach the balloons climbing up the pole or bunch them at the top and bottom to create a flowery look. Just be sure you balance the weight on the top and bottom so that it isn't too top-heavy.

DIY Balloon Stand Kit

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If the instructions above have you feeling overwhelmed, you can buy a DIY balloon stand kit, complete with everything you need, instead. These kits are available at online retailers, party supply stores and similar outlets.



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