How to Decorate a Shrimp Platter

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A nicely arranged shrimp and seafood platter.
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If it's true that you eat with your eyes, then get to work creating a visually pleasing platter of shrimp. A few simple garnishes are all you need to impress your guests. Color, texture and arrangement are important considerations, but garnishes should also be edible and complement the flavors of the shrimp.


Edible and Elegant

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Edible garnishes enhance both the flavor and appearance of shrimp platters. Leafy greens, such as peppery arugula, add a brilliant contrast and texture to pale pink shrimp. Creatively tuck the greens underneath the shrimp. Place a dipping sauce in the middle of the platter, then arrange the shrimp around it. While cocktail sauce is always a crowd favorite, you might pair the shrimp with a refreshing lemon tahini sauce, a spicy tomato jam or a sweet Asian chili sauce. Serve shrimp tapas style by adding other nibbles, such as thinly sliced prosciutto, Manchengo cheese and roasted bell peppers.

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