How to Frame a Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Large picture frame and glass (6 inches larger than the blanket on all sides)

  • Cardboard backing

  • Needle and thread

Framing a blanket is a way to preserve it.

Framing a favorite quilt or blanket is a way to preserve a piece of fabric for years to come while still being able to look at and enjoy it. If left unframed, your blanket could be subjected to use, moth damage and spills that could make it less valuable over time. Protect your blanket with a glass faced frame to display it and keep it safe for future generations.


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Step 1

Lay the cardboard backing on a stable work surface. Ensure that the cardboard backing will fit snugly into the picture frame, with enough room between it and the glass to place the flattened blanket.

Step 2

Lay the blanket on top of and centered over the cardboard backing. Use a needle to punch holes spaced every 1 inch around the perimeter of the blanket, spaced 1/2 inch inside the edge of the blanket.


Step 3

Thread the needle with a piece of thread that corresponds to the length of the four combined sides of the blanket. Insert your needle through the back of the cardboard backing and then feed the tip of the needle through the backing of the blanket, but not all the way through it.

Step 4

Feed the needle through the same hole in the cardboard, move on to the next hole and repeat the process of catching the back of the blanket and then securing it to the cardboard. This will hold the blanket to the cardboard without leaving visible thread patterns on the front.


Step 5

Mount the blanket into the picture frame, securing the blanket between the glass and cardboard backing, then hang the picture frame and blanket on a wall to display it.


Color the cardboard to match the blanket using some poster board placed over top of the cardboard; secure the poster board by placing it between the blanket and cardboard and threading through it with your needle and thread.


Do not mount blankets or quilts on walls that receive direct sunlight as this will bleach the fabric over time.



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