How to Hang Christmas Ball Ornaments on Fishing Line

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Things You'll Need

  • Fishing line

  • Mounting hooks (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Instant glue

Decorate your home for the holidays by hanging Christmas ball ornaments in a variety of locations. Suspend them from a rod over a long dining room table, cluster them under a chandelier or stagger them in front of a sunny window to reflect natural or artificial light. When hung from fishing line, the ornaments will appear to be floating in the air. Make your own sparkling holiday displays using clear or colored ornaments of your choice.


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Step 1

Purchase fishing line that is labeled as having high knot strength. A 30-pound weight with low stretch is an ideal line that will support the ornaments and not stretch while hanging.


Step 2

Design the arrangement of your hanging ornaments. Determine if you will be hanging all the ornaments at the same or staggered heights and the size of the ornaments you will use. Also, decide if you are hanging the ornaments directly from individual hooks, from an existing light fixture or shelf, or installing a separate grid or bar.


Step 3

Mount any hooks you will need to hang the ornaments. If you are hanging individual ornaments from the underside of a shelf in front of a window or directly from the ceiling, small cup hooks will provide adequate support. If you are hanging the ornaments from a bar or grid above a table or buffet, position the appropriate number of hooks to suspend the weight of the bar or grid. Hang the bar or grid from the hooks, using appropriate hardware. This may include chains to suspend from the ceiling.


Step 4

Determine the distance from the hook or grid to where you want each ornament to hang. Double each of these measurements, add three inches and cut fishing line. It may be easier to place the ornaments if you cut as many of the shortest length as you need, hang them, then move on to the next length. This will make it easier to see where you want to position each ornament, as well.


Step 5

Thread a cut length of fishing line through the loop at the top of the ornament and pull through to the center of the line. Tie a tight double knot to secure the line to the ornament.


Step 6

Determine if you are hanging the ornament from a hook, bar or grid. To hang from a hook, tie the two ends of the line together about three inches from the ends. Tie a second knot. Add a drop of instant glue to secure.


To hang from a chandelier, bar or grid, wrap the two ends of the fishing line around the object and tie them together. Tie a second knot and apply a small drop of instant glue to secure.


When planning the design of your hanging ornaments, consider people walking under them or leaning into them, or children reaching up to play with them. Place them high enough to avoid disturbance.

Double knotting and applying a drop of glue will ensure that your fragile ornaments do not weigh down the fishing line, causing the knots to open and the ornament to fall.

Make sure to leave a 1/2-inch tail of line after knotting.