Vintage Beaded Ornament Instructions

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Beaded ornaments are traditionally handmade, and generations of families have made them as Christmas crafts from manufacturers' kits or hand designed them. Instructions can depend on the approach you want to take: Create your own designs, use premade kits or buy old ornaments for a truly vintage decoration.

Making Beaded Ornaments

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You can use the popular beaded ornament kits readily available to create lovely vintage-look ornaments, or you can create your own designs with ribbon, glue, beads and tassels. Vintage beads can be found at bead stores or from online merchants. Buy foam balls from craft stores to form the base of the ornament. Use your own sense of style to design an ornament that fits your Christmas tree or home décor.

Buying Vintage Ornaments

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Online you can find just about any color or style of beaded ornament, either actual vintage, from the 1960s and 1970s, or vintage-style, made more recently. "Original" manufactured beaded ornament kits, finished or unfinished, are more expensive, especially if they are no longer made. When decorating your home, rely on your own taste to choose ornaments.

Ornament Covers

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You can make vintage-looking beaded ornament covers with craft wire, beads and fishing line, creating a drape for ordinary glass ball ornaments. Placing the covers over different colors of ornaments can give a textured, highly decorative look. They can be made with a simple netting stitch or added onto with pendants.

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