DIY: Tile Coaster Holder

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Things You'll Need

  • Tile coaster

  • Craft wood, 1/4 inch thick

  • Scroll saw

  • Wood glue

  • Small screws

  • Power screwdriver

  • Electric sander or rotary tool with sanding bit

  • Self-adhesive flocking

Drink coasters are generally most useful if you keep them in a place where you can find them. Tile drink coasters are thick and fragile enough that it's a good idea to have a dedicated rack that will keep them protected while keeping them together. Build your own basic wooden holder to store tile coasters of any shape and size close to the location where they'll be used.


Step 1

Lay one of the coasters face down on the wood and trace around it in pencil.

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Step 2

Cut out the traced square shape using the scroll saw. When cutting, position the blade just outside each of the pencil lines in order to make the finished wooden piece slightly larger than the tile itself; this will leave a little wiggle room to make it easy to move the coasters in and out of the holder.


Step 3

Use the pencil and ruler to draft two rectangular shapes measuring 16 inches by 2 inches (or one 32-inch by 2-inch strip, if your wood is long enough). Cut these out on the scroll saw; follow the pencil line directly with the blade, this time.

Step 4

Measure and cut these strips down into eight equal pieces; these will be the corners for the holder.


Step 5

Group the short pieces into pairs. For each pair, apply wood glue to the long edge on one piece and press it against the front (wide side) of the other piece, flush with the end, to form a 90-degree angle between the two pieces. Let all of these corner shapes dry.

Step 6

Attach the four corner pieces vertically to the corners of the square base piece. Position the square base 1 inch up from the end of each corner. Drive screws from the outside in using the electric screwdriver. Place one screw on each side of each corner piece for a total of eight screw joints.


Step 7

Use an electric sander, grinder or rotary power tool with sanding or grinding attachment to grind down the corners and make them more rounded, if you like.

Step 8

Sand the finished tile coaster holder by hand using medium-grit sandpaper. Stain and finish or paint, as desired.


Step 9

Cut small, rectangular strips of self-adhesive flocking and attach them to the bottom of the holder's corner legs; this will protect glass or wood finishes on coffee and end tables from being scratched by the wood.


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