How to Create a Reindeer Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Headband Antlers

  • Brown Or Black Gloves

  • Light Brown Sweatsuits

  • Brown Yarns

  • Red Clown Noses

How to Create a Reindeer Costume. Making a reindeer costume is a snap, especially now that you can buy antlers in novelty stores every Christmas. Add a red nose and you're Rudolph!


Step 1

Find a picture of a Christmas reindeer. Remember: You probably don't want a picture of a real reindeer, which isn't really Christmassy at all.

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Step 2

Create the reindeer costume using the picture as a guide.

Step 3

Slip on a pair of brown sweats.

Step 4

Don gloves and shoes. It doesn't matter if they're brown or black, but since they represent your "hooves," they should be the same color.


Step 5

Put the antlers on your head.

Step 6

Pin a little "tail" made of yarn to the back of the sweatpants.

Step 7

Wear the red nose, if desired.


Reindeer costumes are available online or at costume stores. Since you haven't attached anything permanently to the sweats, they should be fine to wear again.