How to Make Snakeskin Pattern Makeup

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While most people tend to stick with the same makeup look day in and day out, it's always fun to dig into your cosmetics bag and experiment a bit, like learning how to make snakeskin-pattern makeup for the very first time. Makeup allows you to be creative, express yourself and show the world who you truly are. And nowadays, it's easier than ever for beginners to follow a makeup tutorial online and create a DIY look that's both trending and glam.


So, whether you're searching for a unique makeup design for a night out with friends, looking for costume makeup ideas for a Halloween party or are really into cosplay, snakeskin-pattern makeup is as simple as grabbing a headband, a makeup brush and your makeup case. Seriously! No face paint is even required, and everything you need to recreate this look can already be found in your makeup bag. Once you use our handy tips to master this new skill, people around you won't be able to stop talking about how incredibly talented you are with eye shadow.

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Things You'll Need

  • Dark green eye shadow

  • Brown eye shadow

  • Iridescent white eye shadow

  • Fishnet stocking

  • Eye shadow applicator sponges

  • Black eye shadow

Apply greenish-brown eye shadow

Take separate dark green and brown eye shadows, crush them up and blend the two colors together on a plate or in a bowl. Then, apply the newly mixed greenish-brown eye shadow powder over your lids and up onto your temples with an eye shadow application sponge.


Highlight your brow bones

Highlight your brow bones with an iridescent white eye shadow. This makes a nice contrast to the darker makeup you've already applied so that the snakeskin print is more noticeable. Plus, it ups the glam factor with this cool look.


Pull on the fishnet stocking

Pull the fishnet stocking carefully over your head and stretch it out as needed around your eyes. Dip a wet eye shadow sponge applicator in black eye shadow. Carefully fill in the holes in the fishnets with the black eye shadow to create a snakeskin pattern. Start the pattern around the outer corners of the eyes and work your way up to the temples. You can make the pattern large or small, or you can even make it all one size. It totally depends on your personal preference.


Remove the fishnet stocking

Carefully remove the fishnet stocking from your head so as not to smudge your makeup. Take your time while doing this and don't be afraid to remove the fishnet stocking slowly and in stages.



If you do accidentally smudge the reptile skin print you’ve created, it’s best to wash off the makeup entirely from that one eye and start the process over again instead of trying to patch in the snakeskin makeup, which never seems to work out well.

Continue the pattern

If you are creating this look for Halloween makeup or cosplay purposes, you can use the same procedure to create a snakeskin pattern all over your face. Allow any greenish-brown cream makeup applied to your face to dry completely and then use the fishnet stocking. To further enhance your snakeskin look, wear reptilian contacts in your eyes.



For your next makeup adventure, check out these guides on creating a new look with witch, pirate, and zombie makeup.

Snakeskin makeup is just plain fun. It gets a lot of attention for good reason, and it's easy to apply even though it looks far more complicated than it really is. Using the eye shadow you already have in your makeup bag, a fishnet stocking and a couple of eye shadow makeup sponges, you can complete this DIY makeup experiment in a matter of minutes and love your new look.



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